February 21, 2024

Whistleblower Shows Proof NZ Government Complicit In Vaccine Mass Murder


In this article published by Free NZ, an independent journalist using the pseudonym Kiwi4Justice discussed the revelations made by a New Zealand (NZ) government whistleblower regarding the massive deaths caused by the COVID shots.

The whistleblower designed and built the COVID-19 vaccine database for the NZ government which included extremely detailed data for 2.2 million Kiwis. It also showed the devastating impacts of the vaccine, particularly deaths among the vaccinated, with these deaths concentrated in specific vaccination centers. This, the author says, is proof that some “vaccine” batches are more deadly than others.

An Official Information Act (OIA) request from an NZ doctor showed that the NZ Medsafe had in their possession of the initial safety data of the Pfizer COVID shot months before the rollout. They knew that the serious injuries and fatalities it could cause. Despite, the government took extraordinary lengths to coerce people to take the shot, and to prevent credible doctors from speaking out against it.

The article closes, “This new evidence from the whistleblower shows a disturbing pattern of basic medical ethics and medical processes being abandoned…This is not negligence, it is criminal”.

Editor’s Note: This article is huge because it is clear proof of what we have been saying in the past – the COVID shots are deadly and should not be taken by anyone [see More Scientific Studies Prove that Covid Vaccines Can Kill and Harm People, “Safe and Effective” COVID Vaccines Plague the World with Cancers, Sudden Deaths, Excess Deaths, and Other Horrible Vaccine Side-Effects, “Vaccines” are Premeditated Murder. MSM Snubs Massive Proof]. For those who want to go deeper into the contents of the database, we encourage you to watch this talk by Steve Kirsch. You can jump to 48minutes, 24 seconds where he begins discussing the NZ data and patterns.

Though the article is about NZ, the Philippines is also affected because our government also made Pfizer available in the country. The Philippine government also coerced people into taking the COVID shots, and they demonized the unvaccinated and those who were protesting against the draconian policies they were implementing during the COVID hysteria.

Our governments knowingly subjected us to this massive experiment, and we are now seeing its effects [Also read Pfizer’s Assassin Vaccine].

Despite the massive increase in excess deaths in the country, the mainstream media continues to ignore proof that the vaccine shots have caused these deaths. They have moved on, and have forgotten that just a year ago, they were helping to sell a deadly product. But to the families of the vaccine victims, those who have died or been injured by the COVID shot, moving on will take a long time. Will they ever receive justice for the undue suffering they’ve had to endure due to the government’s crime?

The good news for the Philippines is that at least one lawmaker has finally taken notice of the uncanny deaths occurring in the country. You can read here House Resolution No. 1481 filed by Cong. Dan Fernandez, urging the House Committee on Public Order and Safety to investigate the cause of the almost 300,000 excess deaths in the Philippines in 2021.

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7 thoughts on “Whistleblower Shows Proof NZ Government Complicit In Vaccine Mass Murder

  1. Cong. Dan Fernandez will really bring this issue of excess deaths to the plenary if he is not a Freemason himself unlike Sen. Sotto who was silenced after he got all the facts.

    1. We shall see what the results of his initiative will be. One thing is for sure though. They all need to see the force of the people fighting for freedom.

  2. Worst Hell Organization representative no other than Dr. Rui Paulo De Jesus
    Leovina Ramirez Communications Associate WHO Philippines. Her email ramirezleo@who.int. They are the traitor in our country. I don’t know if elected of the people, by the people of the Philippines

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