June 20, 2024

“Safe and Effective” COVID Vaccines Plague the World with Cancers, Sudden Deaths, Excess Deaths, and Other Horrible Vaccine Side-Effects


In this long article, the author provides evidence that the COVID-19 vaccines have seriously damaged and continue to wreak havoc on human health. It cites The Mirror UK article which summarizes the huge problem that those who got vaccinated find themselves in. 

‘Following the UK’s mass vaccine rollout, many Brits have a level of protection against the virus but now scientists in the US warn that those who have had the virus are at a higher risk of dying than those who have not. The new study, published in Nature Medicine, discovered that as far as two years after infection people who were hospitalized with the virus have a greater chance of death’.

Editor’s Note: The vaccines are very dangerous because these are not vaccines. These are bioweapons disguising themselves as vaccines. [Read Covid Vaccines are Bioweapons for Mass Genocide, Nicanor Perlas Asks the Duterte Government to Cease and Desist Extreme and Unscientific Covid Policies That Are Killing and Harming Filipinos and Destroying the Country].

We all know that the mainstream press and most of social media is heavily controlled and censored. [Read Facebook Insider: Censorship in Social Media is Real, Trusted News Initiative or Corrupted News Initiative? Mission: Systematic censorship of the world’s top public health experts].

Therefore we need to access reliable information from sources that we may not be familiar with. In doing so, it would be important to always check out the references that an alternative news source uses as a basis for its articles. 

One such alternative news source that is often well-referenced is the “2nd Smartest Guy in the World.” Whether he is indeed the second smartest guy in the world is not his point. It is just a kind of “brand” to attract attention to his articles.  However, what is more important is that he bases many of his articles on solid scientific sources. The above article is one of them. 

In this age of disinformation, it is unfortunate that the major sources of fake news come from those very institutions that we relied on in the past to be credible and legitimate sources of information. They are not about serving the truth but developing fake narratives to mislead and control us. [Read Covid Mandates: Unscientific, Irrational and Fraudulent, Dozens of Reasons to Stop Them Now, France’s long-time vaccine policy chief: covid policy is “completely stupid” and “unethical”, EU’s Censorship Regime is About to Go Global].

Now we all have to enter unknown territory Our only guide is our reason and a close examination of the facts and methodology being reported in a source. That would ultimately determine whether the source is reliable or not. We have no guides except what we ourselves can process independently. That, in the end, even if we did not wish for it, is the “blessing” of the pandemic of lies that is now part of our and the world’s “new normal.”

CCH is now intensifying its approach of enabling readers to do their own independent research. In the past, we would normally bring up the reliable source referenced in an independent news outlet and do our analysis directly from the reliable source. 

However, this time, like in this article, we will encourage readers to check the accuracy and reliability of the referenced source itself. In this way, readers start experiencing a greater source of confidence in their ability to navigate the treacherous waters of the information war that has now engulfed humanity. 

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