April 17, 2024

In this September 6, 2023 article, Rappler reveals the loopholes in SIM card registration in the Philippines. According to the report, the online verification systems being used by telcos in the Philippines are so poor, that it has no capacity to determine the authenticity of the document and photos being submitted to them.

Editor’s Note: To date, there are 118 million registered SIM cards, many of which were automatically registered. The text scams have not stopped and have in fact gotten worse. Now telcos are asking to have access to private data from the government to link it to their system. Do people truly understand what that means?

It will only be a matter of time before they begin asking to use biometric systems for SIM registration. Can we all imagine what that will lead towards? [See Biometric Digital ID Systems: A Path Towards Total Control. Also read Mass Surveillance Technologies Put in Place During Pandemic Are Here To Stay, Western Militaries Developed New Forms of Warfare, Wages Battle For The Brain, NYU Report Shows Digital IDs Can Lead To Severe And Irreversible Human Rights Violations].

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