February 25, 2024

Western Political Systems Are In Crisis: What Now?


The following article was written by a mathematician and philosopher using the pseudonymn Johannes Eisleben. It was published last December 2022 by the UK Column.

Eisleben says the Western political system is in crisis, as citizens have lost trust in politicians and institutions. The lack of transparency and the growing divide between the political elite and the general population has made matters worse. People have awakened to the manipulation they were subjected to during the COVID scamdemic, and the creeping totalitarianism in Western societies are leading people to question narratives.

Eisleben says that these issues have led to a rise in populist movements and a rejection of the traditional political establishment. He argues that there is a need for political reform to address these concerns and restore faith in Western democracies. Eisleben calls for greater accountability, transparency, and responsiveness in political systems to resolve the crisis it is now experiencing.

Editor’s Note: It is becoming clear that there are no heroes, no magic solutions to bring us out of the crisis we are in. We are now forced to learn the lessons of history if we want to preserve our freedoms. In a way, this is a test for our current society. Are we worthy of the freedom and dignity that the universe has afforded us?

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