May 30, 2024

Joey Concepcion to Establishments: Ditch Vaccine Card Requirements


Joey Concepcion, former presidential adviser for entrepreneurship should no longer require vaccination cards from customers. The report on this was written by Daniza Fernandez and was published by The Philippine Daily Inquirer last October 28, 2022.

Editor’s Note: This is a surprising statement from Concepcion, seeing he was one of those who pushed for oppressive policies that began the mandatory vaccination regime. Moreover, just this April 2022, Concepcion was pushing for former President Rodrigo Duterte to make booster cards mandatory.

What could have changed his mind? Could it be the Supreme Court Challenge that named the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) (of which Concepcion is a part) as a respondent? [See CCH RELEASES COPY OF SUPREME COURT PETITION FOR USE BY CONCERNED CITIZENS TO STOP MANDATORY VACCINATIONS].

Or is he trying to redeem himself from the lies he helped create? [See Pfizer Director Admits in EU Hearing: Experimental COVID Shots Not Tested Against Transmission, Supreme Court Judge Strikes Down Vaccine Mandate for ALL New York City Employees, Five New Studies And Data Points That Demolishes the “Safe And Effective” COVID Shot Narrative].

While we agree that vaccination cards are useless, we must reiterate the fact that Concepcion is no hero. We must all be wary of people like him. He has pushed the deadly COVID shots on Filipinos, and as a result, many are now vaccine-injured. Now he changes his tune because he is realizing that the lies he helped create are crumbling. He must be held accountable for the crimes he helped commit.

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