Yesterday, CCH with partners successfully filed the long-awaited Petition at the Supreme Court to stop the continued rollout of mandatory vaccinations in the country. (See the CCH coverage of the event here.) We are happy to report that mainstream and social media, including internet TV and national newspapers, covered the event. (See articles here, here, and here.) 

But even more important for CCH, the filing of the Petition re-awakened a sense of hope and possibility among the unvaccinated. They are now encouraged to also stop the continued harassment against them by the government, schools, businesses, churches, and other institutions that are forcing de facto vaccinations. We were inundated with messages, comments, and requests for assistance to this effect. 

To encourage this legal resistance, CCH is releasing the Supreme Court Petition to the general public. We want all those interested to sue their LGUs, schools, and other institutions to make use of the wide-ranging and thorough scientific and legal arguments versus mandatory vaccinations that are found in the Petition.

For those who want to protect themselves and their loved ones, write a Refusal Letter (find the template here) and/or Grave Coercion letter (find the template here).  If these fail, litigation is your next step.  

To do this, we encourage you to seek the assistance of local lawyers who are courageous enough to see the evil in these forced vaccinations, which are a form of rape. Try to find at least two or three lawyers to take up the case. 

The lawyers can take a look at our Petition and just extract the appropriate scientific and legal arguments that would fit into your situation. There is no need to re-invent the wheel. But, please, definitely tweak the wheel to fit into your concrete situation, the actual challenge you are facing. 

As much as we would like to assist all of you in your legal battles, it would be impossible to help you all out due to our limited resources. Even more important, we need to develop the local capacity to put up a legal resistance against this form of Covid tyranny as more and more abuses of this type await us in the very near future. The initiation of local action will become essential as we all try to collectively resist the de facto medical martial law regime that is already upon us. 

All the best in your efforts and, if your lawyers need further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us. Finally, do inform us regarding the final outcome of your efforts. We will be happy to report on it on our CCH website.

Download Copy of Petition to Supreme Court


    1. Thank you! You can also support us by sharing this article to your social media profiles so more people can know about it.

  1. thanks a lot sa copy sa petition.

    can you share also the 1000plus pages attachments and evidences?

    1. Welcome! We have to check with the lawyers if we are allowed to do that. Nevertheless, much of the resources we quoted on the petition also came from this website.

  2. It is a blessing to everyone most especially to the Filipino citizens. The petition filed gives hope as we continue with this spiritual battle as well.

  3. Thankyou sa copy po Ng petition..
    Sna nga po tuluyan ng matuldukan Ang mga pcrtest at vaccination na wla nmn pong kapakinabangan sa tao.. matigil napo Ang kalokohang patungpatong sa pag imbento Ng covid-19.lht nmn po ay halos nabiktima sa kalokohan Ng mga cabal.. we must unite to defeat their(cabal)stupidity

    1. Maari nyo pong gamitin ang document dito kung nais po ninyong i-reject ang mandatory vaccination sa inyong kumpanya. Pati po yung mga businesses na naghahanap ng vax card. pakishare na rin po sa inyong social profile para makita at mabasa ng iba. Salamat po!

  4. Thank you for filing the Petition to the Supreme Court. I hope our Supreme Court Justices have not been corrupted as much as many of the Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court.

    1. As long as we continue to stand guard, we think that these justices will do their best to stand for what is right and good. Let’s continue to be watchful and to keep demanding for answers!

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