April 15, 2024

Edward Dowd: Financial Collapse A Mathematical Certainty


The following article summarizes the interview between Dr. Joseph Mercola and Edward Dowd, former equity portfolio manager for BlackRock, the largest asset manager in the world. [Also see articles featuring Dowd, read Ex-Blackrock Executive Warns: Pfizer, FDA Committed Fraud, Invalidates All Indemnity Contracts Signed, Millenials experienced 84% increase in excess mortality during Omicron wave in US, New Website Uses CDC Data To Show Vaccines Caused High Excess Deaths Among Millenials].

Here, Dowd summarizes how financial markets work, saying that the concentration of market share among passive investment asset management firms (such as Vanguard and BlackRock) is risky. He says, “it’s too much decision-making in too few hands”.

This concentration of power has led to the “bursting” of various financial bubbles, for example, that of the real estate market in 2008. Dowd explains the events leading up to the fraud with mortgage-backed securities in order to help people understand his claim that a financial collapse is waiting to happen. He calls this the “ballooning of the central bank-government bubble, the sovereign debt bond bubble”.

Dowd says that this bubble looked like it was ready to collapse in 2019, but COVID showed up and granted emergency powers to central banks. COVID, he says, allowed governments to go on a spending spree, printing money, and delaying the inevitable financial collapse.

He says, “You can make the case that it’s intentional because the policies are so bad that they’re shutting down energy production…COVID provided cover for the central banks that the governments, but it also allowed for a control system. If everything’s going to collapse, wouldn’t it be nice to have a control system where travel is restricted, you can blame it on a virus, you create vaccine passports, which then get linked to digital IDs, and then central bank digital currency”.

Editor’s Note: We knew in 2020 that prolonged lockdowns were going to cause economic hardship for our country. What we didn’t realize then was economic collapse was part of the plan to install a digital economic system that is within the control of central banks and governments.

The irrationality of the COVID panic baffled us from the very beginning. Was this a ploy to get people to take vaccines? Why are governments turning a blind eye to the reality that all the draconian COVID policies had no scientific bases? [Even the WHO acknowledges that masks, lockdowns, and school closures cannot control a pandemic, see Will the real WHO please stand up?].

Only when we looked beyond COVID did everything make sense. In 2017, the World Economic Forum already predicted the massive loss of jobs due to the digitalization of work. Massive job loss became a reality, and COVID gave the perfect cover. After all, who would dare complain against a virus?

Now that the world has reopened, we are hit with massive inflation that has forced more families into hunger and poverty. The current narrative in social media is that inflation is not the fault of the government and that all governments even the richest ones are experiencing it. What few people realize is that hyperinflation is a product of decades of faulty economic policies (as has been described by Dowd). Indiscriminate spending and piling debt, all in the name of COVID response, have become a norm even in countries like the Philippines, where resources are limited.

Now that the COVID panic is easing, they are now using the “climate crisis” as a pretext for introducing a new economic model that was predetermined by rich countries.

Consider this: even as governments are still reeling from the economic impact of lockdowns, they are now committing national suicide by prioritizing their climate agenda over economic recovery. They are choosing to use “alternative sources of energy” which are no more environmentally friendly than fossil fuels. Countries like the US and Germany are refusing to use the fossil fuels located in their own backyards, choosing instead to use “solar energy”, which requires the use of solar panels which are produced through toxic mining.[1]https://www.nationalgeographic.com/science/article/141111-solar-panel-manufacturing-sustainability-ranking, https://www.ucsusa.org/resources/environmental-impacts-solar-power

The irrationality of climate policies in many governments today is reminiscent of the draconian COVID policies. Governments are once again forcing their citizens to give up their right to a sustainable livelihood all in the guise of transitioning towards a green economy. For example, Netherlands and Canada want their farmers and cattle raisers to give up their livelihood in order to meet their “climate commitment”, while at the same time allowing factories to continue polluting our air, water, and soil.

They say, “now is the time to care for the earth”, without stopping to consider how their policies are going to affect their people. You will remember that this is exactly how they began with the draconian COVID policies. They say this is for our “common benefit”, and that the Earth needs us to overhaul our systems, otherwise the Earth will die.

Of course, we sympathize with the reality that the Earth needs a break from the extractive economy that we have built in the past century. We think that there are real environmental problems that need to be addressed and that they must be addressed fast. But climate change is not one of those. Controlling climate change is the same as Zero COVID – it cannot be done. The panic and consensus regarding the “climate crisis” is once again manufactured, thanks to the constant “reminder” coming from the mainstream media.

Doomsdayers may think that they are accelerating environmental consciousness, when in fact, they are only undermining science.

We hope that people still remember how “they” used fear of COVID to keep us in control. Are we once again, choosing to live in fear of the “climate crisis”? [We encourage you to read https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1112950/, and https://www.masterresource.org/debate-issues/bad-science-iii/ to better dissect the issue of climate change].

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