May 30, 2024

New Website Uses CDC Data To Show Vaccines Caused High Excess Deaths Among Millenials


In a September 3, 2022 post on Gettr, Dr. Robert Malone alerted the public to a new website launched by Edward Dowd substantiating his claim that the “monumental spike” in deaths among Americans aged 25 to 44 (he called these age cohorts “the millennials”) coincided with the vaccine mandates imposed by the Biden administration.

The website, They Lied People Died, features three “smoking guns” which utilize data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Society of Actuaries Research (SOA) showing the massive deaths among Millenials.

Some of the highlighted data include the following:

  • More Millenials died in 2021 than American soldiers were killed in the Vietnam war.
  • Millenials started dying in large numbers at the same time when lockdowns, vaccines, vaccine mandates, and boosters were rolled out.
  • More Millenials died in excess than any other age group in 2021. Data showed that the mix shift of excess deaths in 2021 was not likely due to COVID19 but rather some other external source. The only thing that changed in 2021 was the introduction of vaccines and mandates.
  • Data from the SOA confirmed 84% excess mortality in the fall of 2021 [Also read Millenials experienced 84% increase in excess mortality during Omicron wave in US].

According to the site, the information they have provided can be used to “hold officials accountable legally, launch lawsuits, educate school boards, sue for maladministration, etc”.

Editor’s Note: Based on the information on the website, it is clear: the “safe and effective” mantra was nothing more than a marketing tagline.

This evidence of harm will probably be explained away as “circumstantial evidence” by those who refuse to believe that they have been duped. But real-life experience will now prove this to be true.

For one: how many young, seemingly healthy, people within your own circle, have died in the past year? Can this all be a coincidence? [Read 2021 Excess Deaths in the Philippines Shows Pandemic, but it is Not COVID].

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