May 25, 2024

Study Shows Age As Most Important Factor In Post-COVID Booster Deaths


A study published by the Jama Network Open last September 8, 2022, found that age is the most important risk factor associated with deaths of individuals who have received COVID-19 booster shots.

The research has a study population of more than 19 million UK residents aged 18 to 100 years. All participants have completed the primary COVID shot series as well as an mRNA booster shot 14 days or more prior to December 31, 2021. Researchers monitored the time to death involving COVID-19 among the study population which occurred between January 1 and March 16, 2022.

Using the QCovid Risk Model, the researchers found that elderly men were at greater risk of COVID death even after receiving the boosters. The risk was also elevated for immunocompromised individuals.

The researchers also concluded: “The association between the QCovid risk groups and the risk of death were stronger in people who had received a booster and were infected by the Omicron variant compared with evidence from the Alpha and Delta period in doubly vaccinated individuals.” They add, “The subpopulations with the highest risk should be considered a priority for COVID-19 therapeutics and further booster doses.”

Editor’s Note: There are several important findings in this article which has been hidden by its technical language.

Why then does the article conclude that these same at-risk groups be given booster shots when it is already clear that the vaccines do not work for them and the additional shots increase their risk?

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