May 30, 2024

Sign the Petition: Refuse and Reject the WHO Powergrab That Would Lead to Global Medical Martial Law



Mr. Francisco Duque III
Secretary, Department of Health 
Chief delegate, World Health Assembly

Mr. Evan P. Garcia 
Ambassador, Permanent Representative, Geneva 
Deputy chief delegate, World Health Assembly

Dr. Mario C. Villaverde 
Undersecretary, Health Policy and Systems Development Team, Department of Health 
Delegate, World Health Assembly

CC: The Sovereign People of the Philippines

CC: The WHO and the United Nations

The WHO is making a power grab over our health sovereignty by amending the International Health Regulations

Our country’s sovereignty is at risk. Unknown to many citizens of the world, the World Health Organization (WHO) is attempting to pass a Global Pandemic Treaty that would give it total control over the world’s health agenda. The beginning stages of this power grab are already underway, with the planned amendment of the International Health Regulations (IHR) during the May 22-28, 2022 World Health Assembly.

The IHR, which was adopted by 194 member states of the WHO in 2005 recognizes the sovereignty of nations and the need for localized action in cases of epidemics and other disease outbreaks. But that is about to change.

Key Issues to Understand

Under the proposed amendments unilateral authority will be given to the WHO Regional Directors to declare a Public Health Emergency of Regional Concern (PHERC), and the Director-General the authority to issue an “Immediate Public Health Alert” (IPHA).

At its core, the proposed amendments are directed toward the establishment of a centralized architecture for worldwide surveillance, reporting, and management. It imposes a top-down view of governance where the public will have no opportunity to provide input or criticisms concerning the amendments.

This, of course, is a direct violation of the basic tenets of democracy and can be compared to the separate new pandemic treaty. [Read this article to find out more about the WHO Global Pandemic Treaty, World Council for Health Sounds Alarms on WHO’s pandemic treaty initiative].

Moreover, such centralization is contrary to the fundamental pillars of community-based, locally-organized healthcare and antithetical to the principles of individual rights and autonomy upon which the WHO’s constitution is based.

Summary of Selected Proposed Amendments to the IHR[1]This section has been borrowed directly from

The WHO intends to amend 13 IHR articles: 5, 6, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 18, 48, 49, 53, 59

  1. Increased surveillance: Under Article 5, the WHO will develop early warning criteria that will allow it to establish a risk assessment for a member state, which means that it can use the type of modeling, simulation, and predictions that exaggerated the risk of Covid-19 over two years ago. Once the WHO creates its assessment, it will communicate it to inter-governmental organizations and other member states.
  2. 48-hour deadline: Under Articles 6, 10, 11, and 13, a member state is given 48 hours to respond to a WHO risk assessment and accept or reject on-site assistance. However, in practice, this timeline can be reduced to hours, forcing it to comply or face international disapproval led by the WHO and potentially unfriendly member states.
  3. Secret sources: Under Article 9, the WHO can rely on undisclosed sources for information leading it to declare a public health emergency. Those sources could include Big Pharma, WHO funders such as the Gates Foundation and the Gates-founded-and-funded GAVI Alliance, as well as others seeking to monopolize power.
  4. Weakened Sovereignty: Under Article 12, when the WHO receives undisclosed information concerning a purported public health threat in a member state, the Director-General may (not must) consult with the WHO Emergency Committee and the member state. However, s/he can unilaterally declare a potential or actual public health emergency of international concern. The Director General’s authority replaces national sovereign authority. This can later be used to enforce sanctions on nations.
  5. Rejecting the amendments: Under Article 59, after the amendments are adopted by the World Health Assembly, a member state has six months to reject them. This means November, this year. If the member state fails to act, it will be deemed to have accepted the amendments in full. Any rejection or reservation received by the Director-General after the expiry of that period shall have no force and effect.

Why We Must Take Action Together

Corruption at the WHO is well-known, and it runs deep [In the video 2015 documentary TrustWHO, former WHO Director-General Margaret Chan Fung Fu-Chun reveals how private money has compromised WHO’s Mission. Also, read WHO insider blows whistle on Gates and GAVI global health dictatorship]. The Journal of Integrative Medicine & Therapy calls the influence of private money on the WHO the “biggest threat to the world’s public health of our time.”

And while WHO’s own documents highlight the importance of “setting up, fine-tuning, improving, and institutionalizing new or existing participatory health governance mechanisms” to ensure equity and democracy in health coverage, information regarding the decision-making on how the IHR amendments will be processed remain inaccessible. In fact, without the research of the World Council for Health, we would not have information on who will be making decisions for our country.

By now, we already know that censorship, particularly in the case of health, is not only unethical but also dangerous. Any organization claiming that they are the only source of truth must not be trusted.

The WHO has moved away from an institution dedicated to health and has been reduced to a global drug peddler. This is an organization that is heavily conflicted and controlled by various industries. Its interests are no longer aligned with ours.

Our Call

We call on our government to critically re-evaluate the impact of handing over the country’s capacity to make sovereign decisions concerning the health of its citizens to unelected technocrats who are not accountable to the Filipino people.

We demand that our representatives to the World Health Assembly, Chief Delegate Mr. Francisco F. Duque III, Deputy Chief Delegate Mr. Evan P. Garcia, and Delegate Dr. Mario C. Villaverde reject the proposed amendments to the IHR. The DOH must consult with the Filipino people first on such matters that can deeply negate our Constitution and impact the democracy of our country.

We call on our fellow Filipinos to speak up against the WHO power grab and to demand the creation of alternative paradigms and models of health and healing which are based on authentic science and ethical guidance that upholds human dignity and respects human rights.

Privacy declaration: Your names and email addresses will not be revealed online. We will submit the results of this signature campaign only to the proper authorities.

108 thoughts on “Sign the Petition: Refuse and Reject the WHO Powergrab That Would Lead to Global Medical Martial Law

    1. Mabuhay tayong mga unvaccinated 🙏 God bless us all🤍 I’m 23 years old this year and I’m informing my family and my churchmates din po about this petition.

      1. Good day that all someone, sorry forgive im deaf sign language english only typing share for between the all them good person… thank u.. god bless you

  1. We need to stop this. Who should those in other contries such as the USA contact to sign a petition against this? Also heard the next pandemic may be engineered bird flu (egineered through gain of funtion to infect people. Coconut oil destroys the lipid (fat) encapsulation of covid 19. Is Bird Flu virus lipid encapsulated and would it work on Bird Flu?

  2. If, by any means, these 3 clowns (Duque, Garcia and Villaverde) BETRAY WE THE PEOPLE, THE FLAG and the CONSITUTION by surrendering our sovereignty and God-given rights to their evil global overlords at the WHO, they must not be allowed to come back, their passports cancelled and declared stateless persons. And if they do, the moment they step off the aircraft, they must be ARRESTED, DETAINED and brought before MILITARY TRIBUNALS for the crime of treason and other crimes against the Filipino people and humanity. We call on the MILITARY ESTABLISHMENT to exercise their sworn duty to PROTECT THE PEOPLE and bring the entire national defense apparatus to bear against these evil agents of the globalist elites/Deep State/Big Pharma. This also serves as a wake up call to those who are still asleep and apathetic to this CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!

    1. Yes! We must alert all Filipinos about this and pressure our delegates so that they do not blindly approve amendments without consultation.

    2. I definitely agree with you. We should be alert nowadays and be courageous to face these evil doers. God forbid they will succeed in their evil schemes.

  3. We are human being with free will, let us decide for own body. Don’t impose vaccines that you created in order ro take money. Our body has its own way to fight againts disease instead of vaccines and exxagerate pandemic to cause fear and anxiety to humanity why not spread positive things that is good for psychological being. You are spreading fear not cure. Mentally you are causing death to humanity because if you really care you will spread prevention but no you create pandemic to sell your vaccines to govertment & the govt implement vaccine to people. You too will die please leave great imoact that will help humanity not death.

    1. Indeed Jas! Unfortunately, the IHR amendment now goes beyond vaccines. The WHO will have the right to declare pandemics based on mere projections. If the Pandemic treaty is passed, lockdowns and vaccine coercion will become a norm. The WHO will be given the power of governments without accountability to citizens.

  4. No to Global Covid Vaccine. Each person is of unique. DNA A healthy body and sound mind is a personal responsibility to take care of.
    Exercise of Freedom Should Be The Focus of All Global Legislation

    1. If the Global Pandemic Treaty is passed, bodily autonomy might be “outlawed” as many experts are now saying that they will continue to push for vaccine passports (for example, UN, which is supposed to uphold human rights, requires all its staff to take several vaccines before being allowed to enter specific countries like Africa, etc.).

    1. Indeed! And no international organization should have the right to tell our governments what to do! We can govern ourselves, thank you!

    1. It is amazing how in 2015, governments around the world have been pointing out the corruption within WHO. Now they want this organization to govern pandemic policies.

    1. No vamos a permitir una dictadura mundial disfrazada de salud. La OMS no puede estar por sobre la soberanía de los países y las personas.

      1. Estamos utilizando DeepL para traducir este texto. Esperamos que sea comprensible.

        ¡Es maravilloso saber que tenemos aliados en otros países Guillermo! ¿Sabías que recibimos nuestra primera victoria contra los globalistas? Puedes leerlo aquí: La OMS puede estar por encima de la soberanía de los países y los pueblos.

  5. God is revealing the evil, and dashing the nations to provoke the bride. True Christians need to rise up.

  6. Salute to the organizers of this petition against covid vaccine. God has given you the gift of dicsernment , He placed you high on a watchtower to see dangers coming and warn the people to find safety in the dame place where you are. I am also a Bible prophecies watcher, i share the same vision with you, i saw what you saw, and i join you in this fight against evil. God is on our side.

  7. Stop experimenting the body of the human population! The Cure is in nature all this time!



  9. No to Global Medical Martial Law.
    Yes, to advocacy on healthy lifestyle through NEWSTART:
    N- utrition
    E- xercise
    W- ater
    S- unlight
    T- emperance
    A- ir
    R- est
    T- rust in God

  10. NO!! Freedom of choice should be available to everyone. WHO has no right to decide on what I should be putting in my body. My body, my decision.

  11. In review of all the moves taken by the government in this world of covid19 it comes up with a satanic way.. why? 1. deception that is the primary move of satan. no transparency of the information many at first dont know its experimental and we are just thankfull that God send us His instrument to let us know they are the lawyer, doctors and scientist who oppose the vaccine mandate and educate us not all of us but many of us.. knowing them is the clarity of Gods discernment to us in our prayer for this scenario we are all facing in entire covid scenario. 2. lies also a santanic specialty. (A.)they say that is not a vaccine adverse effect of vaccine (B.) declaring covid even if not (C.) the need of covid test if not vaccinated which in this case it looks like they drink there own poison why? because they said if your not vaccinated you become sever if infected but if no symptoms the unvax or not in the hospital hard to breath why is there a need/ why they look like afraid to face the unvax and that omicron 1st boom is a devine intervention coz many unvax not infected (D.) they say those with comorbidity need to be vaccinated but if they die they just wash the hands and say they are already have that sickness (E) so many other ways to discuss about the lies. 3. they clearly manifest of wanting a power and total control and that election and calamities will be considered divine intervention for peoples awakening of trusting so much to the governance especially looking the Israel, the royalties of other nation, the pope, the other government like china, us, russia etc action response that make many people convince to participate because for them there is no government who want bad to the people but as what I observed and discover is that all who participate for this vaccine mandate which is the WHO, CDC, DOH pushing many people take advantage and show a powerful move that many are subjected to death in a communist way.. why example the punishment if your unvax you cant enter any even you clearly show good health so in that case that action is biblical and that is considered as killing the person who refuse to follow order and the law are not applicable already.. but thanks God of giving us those people who educate us how to fight for our right and they also now fighting for us for our right and for freedom of tyranny. (4) proper procedure not apply.. being an experimental in nature no proper monitoring happen to those so called participant/victim(coz many are innocent and forced) we have science experimental class right? I haven’t observed they follow to those participant once injected and sign the waiver and the application no obligation already that is obviously a neglect of responsibility as per procurement that stated they are immune the pharma etc. because if they do become responsible you do everything to insure the safety of participant they become take the responsibility if what happen to participant etc. and with a strict almost complete check up of the participant before injected that if you truly want safety and don’t wanted to someone to take advantage and is it one of the procedure if doing an experimentation checking everything to insure accuracy and safety. (5) SO MANY OTHER BAD OBERSERVATION I SAW TOO LONG TO DISCUS OF ALL THE LOOPHOLE I SAW! ONETHING I WANT TO HAPPEN! PROVE TO US WE ARE NOT IN ANTICHRIST ERA BY NOT DECLARING ONE WORLD GOVERTMENT ORDER. SHOW TO US YOUR SO CALLED CONSPIRACY THEORY THAT YOU TRULY CARE AND YOU DONT PARTICIPATE THE CALL OF THE EVIL TO RUIN THE LIFE AND SOUL AND THE CHURCH IN THIS WORLD THAT YOU ARE NOT AIMING OF POWER AND TOTAL CONTROL! SHOW TO US THAT YOU DO TRULY CARE TO HUMANITY AND THE WORLD NOT JUST YOUR OWN INTEREST. REMEMBER ALL OF WHAT WE HAVE NOW IN THIS WORLD ARE JUST A TEMPORAL NEEDS AND WANT EVEN YOU EVACUATE AT MARS AND MOON ETC YOU CANT ESCAPE.. SALVATION IS WHAT WE SHOULD AIM COZ SATAN IF YOU WANTED TO SURRENDER YOUR SOUL TO SATAN BECAUSE YOU BELIEVE SATANS TEMPTATION THEN FACE THE TORMENT YOU ARE GOING TO FACE THAT YOU CANT BE SAVE ANYMORE EVEN WE PRAY THAT YOU WILL BE FORGIVEN. THIS IS NOT A TREAT BUT A WAKE UP CALL AND AT THE SAME TIME A REMINDER EDUCATION TO YOU ALL COZ MANY OF US IN OUR BUSY LIFE WE FORGOT SO MANY ESPECIALLY GODS CALL FOR US TO GIVE LOVE, MERCY, SELF SACRIFICE (AIMING A POWER IS NOT ACCEPTABLE IN GODS EYE) ETC. TO EVERYONE. MAY THIS MESSAGE AWAKEN YOUR HEART TO BE SOFT AND JUST AND THAT YOU DONT BE SELF CENTERED.. THE STORY OF VACCINE MANDATE IS LIKE THE STORY OF DANIEL AND HIS FRIENDS IN THE BIBLE HEARING IT FROM PRIEST MY TEARS ALWAYS FLOW EVEN TRYING TO STOP COZ I CAN TRULY RELATE TO THAT STORY AS ONE OF THE VICTIM OF VACCINE MANDATE/MEDICAL MARTIAL LAW. THAT NOW TRYING MY BEST TO PROTECT MY CHILD TO BE SAVE FROM THE EVIL PLAN OF MANY IN THIS WORLD. IF YOU GOING TO MISJUDGE ME THEN WHO AM I TO CORRECT I JUST FEEL PITY NOT TO MY SELF BUT FOR YOUR SOUL COZ JUDGING WITHOUT KNOWING THE TRUTH IS A PARTICIPATION OF EVILS TEMPTATION ALREADY TO DO AN EVIL WORK TO ANYONE ITS NOT JUST BECAUSE YOUR A HUMAN COZ GOD GIVE US THE GIFT OF FREEDOM AND ITS UP TO US HOW TO USE IT IF WE ALLOW SATAN TEMPTATION OR DO NOT ALLOW..

  12. If the WHO control us or having one world governance coz if who is only one and then so many branches and if they have a power over us its already a 1 world order. it means that they don’t believe God and they outshine the master which is God because God give us freedom and for this covid19 entire scenario the medical martial law they try to implement DOH and other government body participate show satanic actions already so now show to us we are not in anti christ era by not allowing the WHO and other international body to govern or dictate us in our response. Is it show despite of the drastic and satanic effort of trying to follow the WHO order is not enough for them thats make me think maybe thats why WHO want to govern us and that covid19 scenario is just an experimental action to know what might be the move of people so they can know how to implement total control. I think if WHO is encharge ist more drastic action and the book of revelation will be implemented and they might suggest to control us under the skin. we are like a hackable animal if that happen that is what a microchip can do to us as i can forcast that they plan to impose

  13. Respect Human Rights ,Kept our Sovereignty ,No To This Pandemic Treaty, why our countrymen cannot see?unending pandemic?

  14. Respect Human Rights ,Kept our Sovereignty ,No To This Pandemic Treaty, why our countrymen cannot see? unending pandemic?

  15. STOP this madness to grab power and control. Everyone should be given the liberty and freedom to choose what’s best for one’s health, and the right to decline any medical procedure that has NOT yet proven it’s safety.
    And NO one should have the full control of other Nation’s sovereignty.

    NO to W.H.O treaty.

  16. Pls stop accepting the order from WHO for GLOBAL MEDICAL MARTIAL LAW.
    I support this petition for the sake of our individual life because its sacred and we know whatis better for our health.

  17. This plot should be stop now, they’re slowly poisoning every national leaders to control them

    Put an end to this vaccine killer

  18. No to medical rape! give us d freedom to choose whats good for us! God is watching ur moves! Beware of his ways! so pls. wake up dont let Satan use u all!!!

  19. STOP W.H.O. from taking control of the nations’ sovereignty. They do not know any better nor do they know what’s really best for the people of each nation. Only God has the right and the power to control the nations and it’s people. And He does with goodness and love.

  20. I support this petition, we are human being, we are God created. Big NO to mandatory vaccination.

  21. No to WHO!!! No to mandatory vaccine!!! We have the right to choose our own decision.
    Stop COVID-19 vaccine!!! Stop COVID-19!!!

  22. Dept of Health all workers
    In the name of our Lord God Creator we are supporting this covid call to hanity who fight for our rights to our own life… May God’s voice be heard in your heart’s to stop the mandatory vaccine since all of you KNOW that Covid Vaxx is experimental and detrimental to the health of Filipino people.





  25. The elite wanted to control everything. This petition needs a wider reach to millions, if only someone from the mass media takes notice, problem is mass media is bought……

    Someone like Mr. Beast, Pewdiepie with enormous influence tell the world.

  26. Cancel all agreements with WHO . They just cannot be trusted and are often corrupt as well. Do a “Trump” and dump WHO follow our own local standards. Head of WHO is not even a Dr.

    1. Yes! We hope that our governments would have the courage to do this. Unfortunately for the us, our leaders in the Philippines are too afraid to infuriate the US.

  27. Please be sure to check all your inbox categories when receiving the confirmation email. Mine ended up in the Promotions tab of my Gmail inbox.

    1. Thank you for this Neil! This is shadow-banning and we have been experiencing this for sometime already from Gmail. Glad to know our emails are not being totally blocked for you.

  28. Cada país es libre y soberano, según su propia constitución, la corrupta oms no tiene porque inmiscuirse en asuntos internos de cada país. RECHAZO rotundamente toda posesión de soberanía por parte de la oms, bastante daño ya han hecho.

    1. Hemos utilizado DeepL para traducir tu comentario, y queríamos responderte en el mismo idioma. Espero que nuestro texto traducido sea correcto 🙂

      ¡Gracias Juanka! ¡Es bueno ver aliados en otros países! ¿Sabías que nosotros (colectivamente, junto con otros ciudadanos del mundo) hemos recibido nuestra primera victoria contra estos globalistas?

      Puedes leerlo aquí:

  29. Wake up people, covid19 is a plandemic with their simulation 201. Please sign and share this to stop this evil clan of pandemic creator that was started when they created the United nation, the WHO, and the WEF(world Economic Forum. They do not care about the people in the world and i always hears some sayin, why wud the gov. do that, well now you know that almost all the gov leaders are being allied with them. Wake up bofr its too late, lets save humanity souvereignity and freedom

    1. Hi Wina, turns out, there was another tabletop simulation for monkeypox. It was done last November 2021. Will share link when we’re done with the summary.

  30. Please sign and share now to alll ur contacts, reject this WHO that is own by big pharma and the WEF(world Economic Forum. They do not care about the people. i always hears some sayin, why wud the gov. do that, now you know that almost all the gov leaders in the world are being allied with them. Wake up bofr its too late, lets save humanity souvereignity and freedom

  31. Sana po mapagalanap pa po sa mga ibang pages like para makita po ng lahat itong petition 2k plus palang sana lahat makapag sign ng petition at huwag na iturok po sa mga bata yang booster.
    Same po sa sinabi ko nagshare po ako ng petition sa ibang pages para malaman po nila ito po pag sign sa petition hope manotice po nila 🙏😭

    1. Maraming salamat Ice! Hindi ba nabura ng Facebook yung posts mo? Hindi na namin maisend itong link via messenger sa mga contacts namin.

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