May 30, 2024

WHO insider blows whistle on Gates and GAVI global health dictatorship


The following article was written and published by Dr. Joseph Mercola on March 19, 2021. It covers the interview given by Astrid Stuckelberger, a World Health Organization (WHO) insider, to the German Corona Extra-Parliamentary Inquiry Committee last July 2020, where she alleged that Bill Gates’ GAVI is directing the WHO.

Stuckelberger cites various anomalies surrounding GAVI’s presence at the WHO. She says that GAVI, a non-profit organization, has received diplomatic immunity, which means that it is tax exempt. Moreover, she adds that GAVI has total immunity, which prevents the police from investigating in case they are implicated in any scandal. Stuckelberger adds that in 2017, Bill Gates has actually requested to be a part of WHO’s executive board, just like a member state, because “he gives them so much money”. Indeed, Gates is one of the WHO’s biggest funders, exceeding the donation of many individual states. And with the WHO becoming essentially a global health dictator, Mercola asks this important question: is Gates the real power behind the curtain?

Using Stuckleberger’s testimony, Mercola then proceeds to trace the various events that set the stage for a global health dictatorship, particularly through the redefinition of the terms “pandemic” and “herd immunity”. Mercola adds that the WHO’s recommendation of the PCR test was “intentionally criminal” and was the key ingredient to maintaining the pandemic fearmongering.

Editor’s Note: The information found on this article will connect so many dots. It will explain to us why the international media has been giving Bill Gates so much airtime, despite not being a health care professional. It will also help us see the extent of the lies surrounding the coronavirus panic, as well offer an insight of the enormity of the agenda behind it.

If we could go beyond the issue of whether COVID-19 is real or not, of whether vaccines are good or not, and look at the much larger truth at stake, then we will see that our role goes beyond our scientific and political beliefs. At stake here is the future of our societies, our humanity, and our children.

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