June 16, 2024

How Likely Will a More Virulent COVID Variant Develop?


The truth is, there is no absolute assurance that all the COVID variants that will be developed from this point forward will be mild, like the flu. In the same way, no one can guarantee that a more virulent variant of COVID will emerge. However, we know that it is counterproductive to worry about the evolution of viruses because this is something that we cannot control.

In this article published by Nature Microbiology, authors Nathan D. Grubaugh,  Mary E. Petrone, and Edward C. Holmes offer us an objective understanding of how viruses evolve and how media reporting is over-interpreting the impact of virus mutation.

For those who wish to understand how viruses evolve to become more virulent, we recommend these articles from Nature Reviews Genetics and Smithsonian. As you read these articles, we hope that you can begin to understand that increasing virulence is not as likely as the media wants you to think.

For those who are still afraid of a new, super deadly COVID variant, we hope they take the time to understand the genuine power of their immune system.

A word of caution, though. A more virulent COVID variant can indeed emerge. If it happens, it is because governments failed to follow best practices by rolling out leaky vaccines.

We, however, want to stress this point: Are we forever going to be worried about pandemics? Will we spend our days worrying about dying that we will forget about living our lives to the fullest?

We condemn the fear-mongering that continues to exist in mainstream media. News reports highlighting the possibility of a more virulent COVID variant are irresponsible. Mainstream media is cherry-picking information. Even in this article from Philippine Star, the author utilized the most “controversial” and “alarming” title to get traction, disregarding the fact that endemic COVID is the more likely scenario.

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