June 14, 2024

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich issues cease and desist papers to Prof. Dr. Christian Drosten


The following is an unofficial English translation published by the Corman-Drosten Review Report (CDRR) [this is the same group that demanded the retraction of the Corman-Drosten Report, see Scientists call for retraction of Corman-Drosten paper]. Though Dr. Fuellmich is not associated with CDRR, the organization decided to republish the cease and desist paper as it is a part of a class suit which will be launched against Drosten and several other perpetrators of the coronahysteria.

The document was filed in behalf of Green Mango GmbH owned by a Mr. Nils Roth who says that he “has suffered and continues to suffer significant harm as a result of the grossly disproportionate measures imposed to contain the COVID-19 pandemic without an evidence-based foundation”. It asserts that Dr. Drosten is personally responsible for this harm as he spread false statements and have intentionally concealed facts that led to the implementation of erroneous policies relating to the COVID-19 crisis

The document then proceeds to detail the basic assumptions of the corona-politics and errors underlying these assumptions. The document then goes on to demolish these assumptions. Lastly, the cease and desist paper establishes Drosten’s personal responsibility by giving a run down of his public pronouncements concerning COVID-19, as well as his policy contributions.

This cease and desist paper is only the beginning of a massive class action suit that will be launched in the US and Canada [this was announced in October by Dr. Fuellmich, see Legal experts plan to sue WHO, governments for crimes against humanity]. Moreover, individual cases will be also be filed in German (as there is no system for class action in other countries). Lawyers from other countries may also get in touch with Dr. Fuellmich and company to receive the necessary reports and expert opinions they will need to launch lawsuits in their own country.

Lawyers may contact the team through their website at Corona Schadensersatzklage. Use DeepL Translate if you need their website to be translated in English (it is currently written in German).

Editor’s Note: This is what we have all been waiting for. If you are in other countries which is not yet being serviced by Dr. Fuellmich and company, this is the time to act. May you be able to find courageous lawyers who will take on this fight with you.

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