February 21, 2024

Americans sue Facebook and fact checkers for infringing on constitutional rights


On December 11, 2020, five US citizens, Sally Loveland, Sharon Cheatle, Janine Cortese, Tyler Boyle, and Steve McCann filed a lawsuit at the City of Philadelphia against Facebook and several fact-check organizations. The law suit was brought on by the defendants’ “deliberate use of suppression, censorship and ‘known lies’ to infringe on Plaintiff’s constitutional rights in agency with the US government”.

The 179-page long lawsuit alleges that Facebook in particular used COVID-19 as a pretext for promoting vaccines, new and expensive drugs, and to suppress free expression. The plaintiff also mentioned the various means that Facebook defrauds its users.

Editor’s Note: Citizens are pushing back against the unfair censorship policies of Big Tech. It is important to rally behind these kinds of actions while we still can, otherwise, censorship will become the norm, and it will be much more difficult to reclaim our right to free expression and peaceful debate.

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