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Children’s Commission: Children should be back in school

The following is a briefing document prepared by the Children’s Commission in the UK. It was produced to help parents realize the cost of keeping schools closed, as well as understand the risks and benefits of school re-opening.  For the Commission, the important question is not whether children should go back to school or not, but […]

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3.9 million Filipino workers might lose jobs

In this article for The Manila Times, author William Depasupil says that 78% of businesses affected by COVID-19 will remain closed for months, hence leading to the loss of some 3.9 million jobs. The figure included both local and overseas Filipino workers.  Editor’s Note: Will the Philippines have the capacity to ensure that basic needs of the […]

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World Bank: Pandemic could push 60M into extreme poverty

In this May 21, 2020 report written for the Agence France-Presse, the World Bank said that 60M people around the world could fall into extreme poverty. This pronouncement comes after the World Bank has began financing aid programs to 100 countries. World Bank president says that this will reverse the progress made by poverty alleviation programs […]


UNDP: Human development to decline this year for the first time since 1990

In this report published by the United Nations Development Program Administrator Achim Steiner expressed concern for the decline in the fundamental areas of human development across many countries today. COVID-19 did not only impact health, it has also caused disruption in education and income. Steiner says that the combined impact of these shocks could lead […]

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60+ doctors and educators release statement on the situation of children and adolescents during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic

The following statement was released by the Pedagogical-Medical Working Group of the Goetheanum in Germany. In it, doctors and educators express ask a very important question: what health-promoting skills are we teaching our children?  The authors of the statement highlight the fact that children are also experiencing the strain of this pandemic. They are deprived […]

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600 physicians say lockdowns are a “mass casualty incident

In a letter sent to President Donald Trump last May 19, 2020, 600 doctors expressed the growing health consequences of extended lock downs. Download the original letter here or here: