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What’s next after the coronavirus?

In this article for Global Research, Peter Koenig explores how the world can change after the coronavirus pandemic. As the virus has brought the entire world to a standstill, the time is rife for systemic change. Koenig says that two future possibilities are emerging. On one hand is the rise of 5G and artificial intelligence […]

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60+ doctors and educators release statement on the situation of children and adolescents during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic

The following statement was released by the Pedagogical-Medical Working Group of the Goetheanum in Germany. In it, doctors and educators express ask a very important question: what health-promoting skills are we teaching our children?  The authors of the statement highlight the fact that children are also experiencing the strain of this pandemic. They are deprived […]

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Practicing wellness while on quarantine

In this article, Harpreet Gujral, director of the integrative medicine program at John Hopkins’ Sibley Memorial Hospital, offers seven suggestions on staying centered and healthy while we work at home during the pandemic. These seven suggestions include: greeting the day, breathing to relieve stress, moving and stretching both indoors and outdoors, eating well, creating a […]

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How to keep kids healthy during this pandemic

COVID-19 may not be affecting children as much as adults [see Why Is The Coronavirus Sparing Kids?] but the “mild” symptoms children experience can be disconcerting to parents. Like adults, children may exhibit cough and fever, as well as sore throat, excessive fatigue, diarrhea, and pneumonia. As such, children too, must learn how they can […]

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Happiness and health: what’s the connection?

In this 10-minute video for Be Inspired, Dr. Bruce Lipton explains how psychoneuroimmunology works through his own research. Lipton asserts that the body, like the cell, can only be in a state of growth or protection, not both. When the body is in a state of protection, stress signals are released, and several physiological responses may […]

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Here’s why you must avoid stress during this time of COVID-19

Stress, loneliness, and the lack of sleep can make you susceptible to COVID-19, says associate professor Christopher Fagundes. According to Fagundes, these factors could compromise the immune system and lead to the overproduction of proinflammatory cytokines. What does this mean exactly for our health? The field of psychoimmunology highlights the connection between our physical and mental […]

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Panic increases the risk for COVID-19

In this article for Psychology Today, Alane Daugherty explains the connection between our emotional and physical health. Daugherty says that unrelenting stress, anxiety, and depression reduces our immune system’s capacity to fight against viruses and could lead to greater susceptibility to COVID-19.  Daugherty also offers some suggestions on how we can calm our nerves, and improve […]