April 20, 2024

Dear Friends,

Christian communities all over the world commemorate this Holy Week the passion, death, and resurrection of the Christ. It is but appropriate that in this time of the history of our world, where there is a systematic assault on our humanity, we go back to our ancient heritage and to the great wisdom tradition of our sacred beliefs.

As technology advances to such a high pitch, we ask: what does it mean for us to be fully human while claiming our divinity in the example of Yeshua the Christ? Where is the soul and spirit in the overwhelming materialism of our age? In the mechanism of transhuman advances that promise godlike potential as well as inherent danger, we return to the original meaning of the resurrection of the body and our divine heritage.

Today, the whole world stands on the precipice, where the efforts toward a new world order that will enslave us and turn us into walking machines stand in the face of humanity’s great awakening which is also occurring on a massive scale. We are reminded of our deep-seated humanity, our ancient connectedness to the earth and all life, and our claim to divinity. We shine the Spirit on every cell of our material body. On a collective scale, humanity is undergoing a passion and a death.

Yet with the inspiration of Yeshua the Christ, we celebrate the resurrection by singing songs of freedom and hope. We unite with all freedom-loving peoples. We link together in arms forging a resistance the world has never seen before. We call on the inner light of our humanity and bring out the best of what it means to be human.

Whether you are a Christian or not, we encourage you to spend some quiet time in the next few days to call up the strength and courage bestowed on us by our Creator. May we all rediscover the beauty that the past two years of this global scamdemic have hidden from us. And may we make blossom a new future where human dignity and freedom reign supreme.


Covid Call To Humanity Editorial Team

3 thoughts on “A Letter for the Holy Week

  1. God Bless Us All. Thank you CCH for your work! With the Light of Jesus I wish a Free and Sane Pilipinas for you all.

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