May 27, 2024

Questioning the Ethical Landscape: QCPD’s Face Recognition Initiative


The Quezon City Police District (QCPD) will implement a new face recognition app through the Unified Intelligence and Investigation Center (UIIC) to enhance crime prevention in the city. It involves taking a suspect’s photo, sending it to the QCPD Cyberpatroller Group, and cross-matching it in a unified system. This app allows quick identification of suspects’ criminal records or pending warrants.

Editor’s Note: The introduction of the face recognition app by QCPD raises concerns regarding privacy and data security. The fact that AI data is uploaded to a central server inaccessible to the public raises red flags. Without clear regulations or laws governing the use of such technology, there is a risk of misuse or abuse.

Most AI data can be used as training data without the consent of the individuals involved. While the EU has taken steps to protect their citizen’s right to privacy, there are currently no laws in place in the Philippines to address such concerns and protect our citizens. [See: EU CALLS FOR BAN OF FACIAL RECOGNITION, FACIAL RECOGNITION TECHNOLOGY INCORRECT MORE THAN 90% OF THE TIME, THE TROUBLE WITH FACIAL RECOGNITION, THIS IS HOW THE FBI USES AI TO IDENTIFY, TRACK, AND ROUND UP DISSIDENTS]

It’s also not irrational to think about China’s social credit system. The potential for the face recognition app to evolve into a tool for mass surveillance and social control is a real world possibility. In our days in this digital age, convenience often comes at the cost of freedom. Governments have repeatedly demonstrated their willingness to use digital systems for their agendas, even if it means infringing on the rights of their citizens in their quest for a new world order. [Digital Society: Easy to Takedown and Control, Why You Should Reject Digital IDs]

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2 thoughts on “Questioning the Ethical Landscape: QCPD’s Face Recognition Initiative

  1. In the coming new world order we will have lazier policemen because of conveniences brought by surveillance technologies used to policing the public.

    1. It has already started, and will get worse as our school system is also under attack. The dumbing down of society is systematic.

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