April 12, 2024

UK Details Shift to Digitalized Identification: Is This the Reason Why They are Pushing for Digital Health Passports?


On August 2, 2021, UK Government published a press release detailing its plan to create a platform that will enable citizens to conveniently verify their identity.

The identified framework illustrates how organizations can be certified to provide secure digital identity services. Organizations must first undergo an assessment with an independent certification entity. Once completed, the framework will be made into a law enabling the government to implement it universally.

The press release also discussed how data can be shared between organizations and announces that the government will commence testing the framework in partnership with service providers.

Editor’s Note: This document is proof that, indeed, the world is becoming digital-based.

This may seem like a harmless endeavor from the government but with the hard-selling of vaccine passports, we can not help but think, is this really for the best interest of many?

If this shift had happened without the vaccination passports, this plan could have passed without notice. But correlating this change with the way authorities are coercing vaccination and vaccine passes in order to move freely in society, is somewhat shady.

There are vague areas that need to be clarified:

  • How can you move freely if you know your identity is linked to a master computer you have no control or access to?
  • If your life in its entirety is recorded digitally, and could be deleted with the switch off button, then how can we claim we are sovereign?
  • This control is in the guise of shifting to a high-tech form of living. Should we rush and submit our freedom to a QR code that will mandate how we go through our everyday life?
  • How about people in rural areas with limited internet connection coverage? Should they move to the urban space? Or is this where the coercive push for 5G will come in?
  • When an individual doesn’t want to submit to this form of society, what are the options?
  • There are technology-illiterate people; are they considered obsolete?

In the face of digitalization, the push for digital health passports takes on a whole new meaning. It has nothing to do with a health emergency, it’s about surveillance and total control. [See Vaccines: Trojan Horses for Global Sterilization and Surveillance.]

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