May 27, 2024

Expert Fearmonger: BIRD Flu Being Postured To Become the Next Scamdemic


The article discusses concerns raised by experts about the potential for bird flu to trigger the next human pandemic. The forewarning was prompted by a case in the US where a person contracted the disease from a cow, implying that the highly pathogenic H5N1 strain is becoming better at spreading. The article also compares the mortality rates of bird flu and COVID-19, stressing the potentially higher fatality rate of the former. Plans to stockpile flu vaccine in anticipation of a bird flu pandemic are mentioned, along with government guidance on minimizing contact with wild birds to reduce the risk of infection.

Editor’s Note: We recognize that it is essential to be vigilant and prepared for emerging existential threats. But at what cost? Must we give in to fear in what seems to be this pandemic-obsessed world? Remember: we must also be cautious about how these concerns are leveraged within discussions around centralized global governance.

The idea of a New World Order driven by pandemics as a catalyst for increased centralization of power raises legitimate questions about the protection of individual freedoms, our national sovereignty as a country, and the preservation of our so-called democratic principles. First, it’s AI predicting pandemics. Then the enforced vaccinations. Let’s not forget how Bill Gates, through the World Health Organization (WHO), is essentially and singlehandedly ruling the would-be global pandemic team. It is not rational to ask for safeguards to be in place to prevent the concentration of power in the hands of a few entities or organizations? [Also read: Health Officials Admit Bill Gates Runs The WorldBill Gates Proposes the Creation of a Global Pandemic Protection TeamNew Danger: Using AI to Predict “Pandemics”Pandemics As a Catalyst For a New World OrderAre We Simply Accepting WHO’s Vision Of A Disease-Obsessed World?] [Not to mention the fact that the WHO needs a pandemic, see WHO Chief: Pandemic Treaty In Danger Of Failing].

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