April 20, 2024

Are We Simply Accepting WHO’s Vision Of A Disease-Obsessed World?


The following article was written by David Bell and was published by Panda last July 4, 2023.

In it, Bell looks at the role that the World Health Organization (WHO) wants to take in global health governance. He then goes on to assess whether there WHO’s promise that the “pandemic accord (treaty) won’t reduce the sovereignty of WHO’s Member States” can actually hold water.

Bell expresses concerns about the influence of international organizations like the WHO on countries’ healthcare policies. He argues for a balance between international cooperation and respecting individual nations’ right to make healthcare choices in line with their unique circumstances and priorities.

Editor’s Note: Despite this article being three years old, it is still significant for us here in the Philippines as our own country is attempting to pass a law that will subsume our democracy to the WHO, an unelected body of technocrats located in a well-off country [see ENACTING SB 1869 INTO LAW COUD LEAD TO TREASON, CCH WARNS SENATE AS IT RELEASES ITS 3RD BRIEFING PAPER ON SB 1869].

The battle for our freedom is not over. In this news article published by the Manila Bulletin, Senate President Juan Miguel Zubiri has confirmed that the “National Disease Prevention Management Authority” will be enacted by December 2023. That is SB1869 – and you can be sure that without people rallying against it, our Senators will offer no rebuttals to it [see Renewed Hysteria Shows Why We Need A Commission For Covid Accountability].

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