May 26, 2024

PUBLIC SEMINAR EP. 80: The Battle To Save Humanity Intensifies


Please do not forget to watch this Sunday’s Episode of CCH’s Public Seminar Series! 

Visit to watch the live stream. A recording of the episode will be available after the transmission. The public seminar will run on October 8, 2023, Sunday, from 7:30-9:30 PM! (GMT+8).

If you want to comment on our live stream, you can create your own RUMBLE account through

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2 thoughts on “PUBLIC SEMINAR EP. 80: The Battle To Save Humanity Intensifies

  1. Hello friends. For several months, we no longer can watch the CCH videos in France, as our government forbade access to Rumble. If you could, please, edit them on Odysee as well, this would allow us to benefit from your amaizing work. With thanks and all our blessings.

    1. Thank you for sharing this important information! We will do what we can to transfer our videos in a platform you can access. Is Odysee the only non-alternative video sharing site you can access?

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