May 30, 2024

Stop Getting Tested, You Just Have A Cold


In this September 21, 2023 article for The Federalist, Rich Cromwell argues against widespread COVID-19 testing, particularly for individuals who exhibit mild cold-like symptoms. He criticizes what he calls “Branch Covidians,” individuals who continue to be overly cautious about COVID-19 despite declining cases.

The author suggests that excessive testing inflates COVID-19 numbers and advocates for a more measured approach to testing, particularly in cases with mild symptoms, to avoid unnecessary fear and disruption.

Editor’s Note: Are people still thinking straight, or did the two years of COVID hysteria already damaged their capacity for critical thinking? If you have friends who continue to get tested, share with them these articles: Doctors admit they can’t tell COVID apart from allergies or common cold, Alex Jones: Biden Admin Preparing To Bring Back Full COVID Restrictions, Rollout to Begin By September. Also read, Renewed Hysteria Shows Why We Need A Commission For Covid Accountability.

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