May 27, 2024

EU Chief Diplomat War Mongers, Claims Russia A Threat to Europe


European Union’s chief diplomat Josep Borrel has called on European countries to fund the Ukraine war to stop Russia.

In a speech at an economic forum in Brussels, Borrel said “War is certainly looming around us…and a high-intensity, conventional war in Europe is no longer a fantasy.”

Borrel’s statement came as several European military chiefs have issued warnings that Russia will undermine NATO in the coming decade as funding for the Ukraine war dwindled.

Editor’s Note: Vladimir Putin, in a conversation with Alexander Lukashenko addressed these allegations from Borrel. Unfortunately, no Western media has covered his response, and we all know why that is.

We encourage you to watch this short clip of the conversation, or read the full transcript from the President of Russia website and make your own value judgments.

Take note that you will need a secure browser to open the links above, as Chrome has marked the site as “unsafe”, but we assure you: the site is text only – there is nothing “unsafe” about how it was constructed.

Unless of course, Chrome wasn’t referring, not to the website architecture, but to the censored ideas the site contains.

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