April 12, 2024

CDC Releases Document Containing Information on Myocarditis Incidence Following COVID Vaccination, Redacts All 148 Pages


Last March 8, 2024, Zachary Stieber, a journalist for the Epoch Times, revealed in a tweet that the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has a fully-redacted document in response to their Freedom on Information Act request. According to Stieber, their FOIA request asked for information about the CDC’s MOVING project, which has resulted in several studies including the one published by Lancet, which looked at the health outcomes of those who suffered myocarditis following COVID vaccination.

Stieber also reveals that the CDC plans to release “updated findings from the project for peer review” in January 2025.

Stieber was asked by one of his followers, “When a document is fully redacted as with this one, how does one know the document actually complies with the FOIA request?” To this Stiber replied, “One cannot know”.

Editor’s Note: This article reminds us of the audacity of the US Food and Drug Administration to delay the release of the Pfizer COVID vaccine’s safety data [see FDA Now Wants 75 Years to Release Pfizer Vaccine Documents, not just 55 Years]. We hope that people now understand when we say that our government regulators are captured. If this is the case, then, we won’t be able to trust our institutions. It is now clear that their interests no longer align with ours.

Unfortunately, they didn’t just corrupt the system, they have also launched systematic campaigns to gaslight us. First, they made freedom fighters into enemies. Then they claimed innocence when they could no longer hide the disastrous results of their “vaccine” experiment [see Peer-Reviewed Study Shows 2500% Higher Incidence of Myocarditis Following COVID Shots Compared to Other Vaccines, BOMBSHELL: LATEST STUDIES REVEAL THAT COVID VACCINES KILLED 13 MILLION PEOPLE WORLDWIDE, Japanese Study: COVID Vaccine May Cause Long-Term Heart Damage, Even in People With No Symptoms, Systematic Review Confirms mRNA Shots Causes Cardiovascular Complications, Death].

If people just accept this impunity, then the lies and the abuse will only continue.

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