April 12, 2024

France Adopts Controversial Draft Law That Will Penalize Citizens Who Speak Out Against Conventional Medicine


In this article, Michel Chossudovsky discusses a controversial draft law in France aimed at combating “sectarian aberrations,” particularly in health and medicine.

Editor’s Note: Remember SB 1869? If we failed in the first round battle, we would have this same problem that France currently has. That being said, we hope that people’s drive to stop medical authoritarianism continues. Our children’s future depends on it. [For more information regarding SB 1869, read BRIEFING PAPER ON SB1869: Why SB1869 APPROVAL NEEDS TO BE STOPPED NOW AND THE BILL RADICALLY REVISED, CCH Releases 2nd Briefing Paper Warning Senate Not to Surrender Philippine Sovereignty to Sex Maniacs and Pedophiles at the WHO/UN, ENACTING SB 1869 INTO LAW COUD LEAD TO TREASON, CCH WARNS SENATE AS IT RELEASES ITS 3RD BRIEFING PAPER ON SB 1869, CCH BRIEFING PAPER ON SB1869, No. 4: SB1869 WILL KILL/HARM THOUSANDS OF FILIPINOS. THE COVID VACCINES HAVE ALREADY KILLED 13 MILLION PEOPLE WORLDWIDE.. Also, watch Nicanor Perlas Explains the Dangers of SB1869].

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