April 12, 2024

What holds humanity back from confronting the forces that seek to destroy us?


In this article, international activist Julian Rose delves into the factors hindering humanity’s response to destructive forces.

He says, that humanity’s enemy is a master of deception, capable of blocking our innate capacity to sense what is right and what is wrong. Our society has become one ruled by a “techno-industrial digitalized-god by mass abstraction” promising “a culture of convenience” and has drawn humanity away from making any effort at our deeper nature, from responding to the “call of a higher goal and guiding soul”.

Rose says that the “complete breakdown of humanitarian and spiritual sensitivities which provide life with its true resonance and real meaning” is perpetrated by the “anti-life agenda which belongs to that category of human sickness we know as psychotic, psychopathic, and sadistic. Such a state of human demise holds that there is no God. That it is man who is in charge of the universe…and that whatever forces exist ‘out there’, only those that help achieve the gross ambitions of earthlings are worth engaging with”.

Editor’s Note: Those who look at the Great Reset with clear “eyes”, see that this is a problem thrown our way by a world wanting to evolve. It is a spiritual problem seeking to push humanity to determine the kind of future it wants to have. This fact has been clear to us since the beginning of the COVID scamdemic.

Back in 2020, Nicanor wrote the article END THE LOCKDOWNS! Stop It Outside By Ending the Lockdowns Inside Us which pointed to the fact that our external reality is only a reflection of our internal consciousness. He said, “Before we dare to remove the lockdown in society, we need to banish our psychological lockdowns”. He then went on to offer various steps on how we can do the inner work to “free” ourselves from the prison imposed on us by governments.

In another article, CCH FIGHTING FOR HUMANITY IN AN APOCALYPTIC WORLD: A Message for CCH Friends and Subscribers, Nicanor talked about how learning about the Great Awakening is not enough. One must also act appropriately to bring about a collective awakening for humanity. He said: “The CCH experience demonstrated that waking up to the truth is not enough. It is only the beginning of a long struggle for change and transformation of the institutions that punish and exploit the very people they promised to uphold and defend. Truth alone is useless. Truth must lead to the defense of our freedoms, rights, and democracy.”

In that article, he announced CCH’s new direction and explained why we have chosen this new path. Like Rose, we have seen the collective paralysis that is gripping our societies, and it is time to break it through action, and remembering that which is human. Please go back to this article so that more will begin to tread the path towards the fully human.

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