July 22, 2024
Critics: Lancet Study on Under-Vaccination Is A Joke

A study published by The Lancet last January 15, 2024, has received massive criticism due to its inaccurate interpretation of data. The study, which looked at 7,000 hospital visits in the summer of 2022, reported that “undervaccination was associated with risk of severe COVID-19 outcomes”.

Professors Norman Fenton and Martin Neil, experts in statistics, risk, and probability from Queen Mary University said, “The paper is a joke and should never have been published”. Fenton pointed out that the data for the “never vaccinated” was not separated from the “under-vaccinated”. According to Fenton, even those who have received four or five jabs who refused to take one recommended booster shot were considered “under-vaccinated”, which confounds the data. Fenton and Neil assert that based on the supplemental data included in the study, unvaccinated people were less likely than fully vaccinated people to have severe health outcomes from the virus. Authors of the Lancet study also admitted, “This association [between under vaccination and risk of severe COVID-19 outcomes” could also be due to the uncontrolled selection effect for healthier individuals being more likely to be unvaccinated”.

Fenton and Neil also point out that the researchers of the Lancet study had various conflicts of interest.

Editor’s Note: Lancet has been used multiple times as a journal of choice for big Pharma propaganda, and for the publication of biased or fake articles [see Lancet, top medical journal, helps coverup true origins of COVID, Scientific fraud at top medical journals affect world COVID-19 policy]. Are we even surprised now that they would publish another article still promoting the COVID shots when they have been proven many times as dangerous? [Read some of the articles here: Scientific fraud at top medical journals affect world COVID-19 policy, Japanese Study: COVID Vaccine May Cause Long-Term Heart Damage, Even in People With No Symptoms, Whistleblower Shows Proof NZ Government Complicit In Vaccine Mass Murder].

This is what the Lancet study is ultimately saying: “if you already took the vaccine, you have no choice but to take it again, or risk severe COVID outcomes”. They are taking you hostage, but we hope that the vaccinated will fight back, because the more of these shots you take, the more dangerous it becomes [see Endless boosters can lead to increased autoimmune disease].

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