June 14, 2024

Mother of All Breaches: 26 Billion Records Stolen From Social Media, Government Agencies


Cybersecurity researcher Bob Dyachencko and Cybernews found that 12 terabytes’ worth of personal data has been leaked online. The leak, now dubbed as the Mother of All Breaches (MOAB) contains 26 billion records over 3,800 folders, each containing a separate data breach. It involves over 15 billion records from companies like Tencent, Wattpad, Weibo, Twitter, LinkedIn, Adobe, Canva, and even Telegram. Records of various government organizations in the US, Brazil, Germany, Philippines, and Turkey were also included in the leak.

What can happen if your data has been leaked? The researchers said, “If users use the same passwords for their Netflix account as they do for their Gmail account, attackers can use this to pivot towards other, more sensitive accounts. Apart from that, users whose data has been included in supermassive MOAB may become victims of spear-phishing attacks or receive high spam emails”.

Editor’s Note: This is just a preview of what might happen if all our information is online. It’s like investing, if we put all our eggs in one basket, then we increase our risk. This is why we must be careful with the information we put out on the internet, and we’re not just talking about social media.

In the Philippines, the government has been pushing for digitalization, digital IDs, and even cashless transactions, and yet, various government organizations have been hacked just last year. The government does not have enough facilities to protect our data. Why then would you allow them to put everything about you online?

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