June 20, 2024

Parents in UK Could Face Jail Time For Refusing Their Children’s Gender Change


Parents who refuse to allow their children to change their gender could face up to seven years in prison under the new policy being pushed by the Scottish National Party (SNP).

Marion Calder, director at For Women Scotland, said that these new plans will “criminalize loving parents…for refusing to sign up to the gender ideology cult. They will also hand activists and social workers unprecedented powers to meddle in family life while having a chilling impact on therapists and counselors”.

Editor’s Note: What gave governments the authority to take away the right of parents to guide their children? Who will determine whether a parent’s action is “coercive” and “controlling”?

We know from our experience with COVID that governments can reinterpret laws to suit their needs [Hello forced vaccination! Remember how only a few government officials upheld RA 11525 in the Philippines? Read Governor Gwen Garcia Upholds RA 11525 Against No Vaccine, No Entry Policy, Philippines’ Justice Secretary upholds RA 11525: Hiring based on vaccine status illegal and discriminatory, Integrated Bar of the Philippines Releases Statement Questioning Legality of Policies Restricting Movement of Unvaccinated, General Santos City Repeals Resolution Requiring Vaccination To Access Private and Public Services).

While this the
While the subject of the following article is just a proposal at this point, the fact that there are people in government who think of implementing such policies means that parents must now become vigilant. The family institution is at risk, and it is all by design. [Read Understanding The Great Reset and Its Attack on Humanity: Part 1].

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