June 20, 2024



The Philippine Senate adjourned yesterday without enacting SB1869 into law.  Despite many promises to do so via public media announcements, the Senate did not pass the highly criticized and protested SB 1869, otherwise known as the PHILIPPINE CENTER FOR DISEASE PREVENTION AND CONTROL (CDC) ACT.

Earlier, some Senators and mainstream media tried to confuse the public by asserting that SB 1869 had been replaced by a new version of the law. CCH will subject that to a more detailed analysis shortly.

But here is one example regarding inaccurate reporting about SB1869. The formal title of SB1869 has been replaced by a different title,  “National Disease Prevention Management Authority.” 

A Senate bill of this title does not exist. Search for the bill here in the Senate archive and you will not find it.  l

“We have been monitoring Senate activity and are very happy with this development”, said Nicanor Perlas, founder and Editor-in-Chief of Covid Call to Humanity (CCH). “We have been protesting and have mobilized protests against this bill for over a year now. and it is clearly having an impact”, explained Perlas. 

Recently CCH released its 4th Briefing Paper on SB1869, detailing more urgent reasons not to approve the bill. CCH sent a digital and hard copy to all Senators to warn them of the potential impact of SB1869 approval on their political careers in addition to betraying the health, democracy, and future of the country. CCH also wrote a cover letter to all Senators explaining the highlights of its 4th Briefing Paper. 

This latest CCH Briefing Paper showed that global developments were exposing the massive mismanagement by nations in their responses to the Covid challenge. The CCH paper further demonstrated that some countries have rejected the WHO amendments and treaties. Perlas warned the Senate that they were entering into a trap with their eager support for placing the Philippines under WHO control in the event of a global (most likely fake) pandemic.  

The CCH had released three previous Briefing Papers to the Senate. See it here,   here, and here

These Briefing Papers, platform messages, and video broadcasts led to intense protests by dozens of groups and petitions signed by thousands of petitioners. Supplemented with actual conversations with Senators, these efforts led to victory with the Senate failing to approve SB1869 at the end of its First Session in the 19th Congress.  See also, THE ROUND ONE VICTORY OVER SB 1869 IS REAL! 

At the end of its first-round victory, CCH predicted that the Senate would tackle SB 1869 towards the end of the year. See this article and the video explaining why.

In the end, the outcome was even better. The Senate did not even deliberate on SB 1869. Most likely they were concerned with the huge backlash against the bill and their increasing realization that they may have made a huge colossal mistake in the language of SB1869,  Senators postponed consideration of SB1869 to 2024.

The battle against the treasonous SB1869 is not over. Expect more news on this issue in 2024. We are winning the battle. But the war of ideas and preferred futures is not over!

Download Letter Sent To Senators


  1. This is one victory against health tyranny. We need to win the minds of our Senators and Congressmen by letting them realize that we live in a world where a small group of men make things happen in history. And the fact is people like Mao, Stalin, Kim Jung Un and Hitler were born into this world and were placed by their puppet masters in highest positions in governments that oppressed the ordinary people in the end. These Senators and Congressmen should realize that if they had taken the vax, they should consider themselves dispensable and not part of the secret elite that seeks to rule the world.

      1. Maybe this line from Henry Makow applies to some of our politicians:
        “All that is required for the triumph of evil is for good men to be given good jobs.”
        This an upgrade to the old line “All that is required for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”

        If our politicians are not on this following list, they will lose their wealth in the end and they are just pawns in the plan of the globalist elites:

  2. Sir Nick, thanks for all the efforts that you and your team are doing. Please review also the danger of “homeland security bill” which took more than half of the time on the second session on excess death inquiry, pls tell Rep. Dan of its danger and being part of the agenda as well as he heads the security. thanks

    1. Thanks John! Are you referring to a Homeland Security Bill for the Philippines, or the revised version they are deliberating in the US? If you can, could you send in a reference? Thanks!

    1. Interesting idea GGentison! We have always felt that the target of these loans were the poor and low middle class – the same people who were already finding it difficult to earn a living. As it is, they are taking out loans in exchange for freedom (many of them becoming slave to work).

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