June 14, 2024

SIM Card Registration allegedly intends to reduce scams, hacking, and other misuse of digital technologies. In reality, this law is nothing but a thinly veiled attempt to undertake 24/7 surveillance of all citizens who use a SIM card to run their cell phones. It is also one of the first essential steps towards stricter pandemic lockdowns and controls that will involve the Telcos and the police in coercive mandatory vaccinations. See here

It is also  part of the infrastructure to place Filipinos in a digital jail. See here

Because of this concern, CCH earlier wrote about whether or not to register your SIM card.. See here.

Unfortunately, millions have already registered their SIM card. However, it is not too late to deal with thise forced intrusion by government and the Telcos on our private lives. 

Remember the data mining algorithms and  artificial intelligence that stand behind all surveillance will only work when continuous data is fed into these machines. These data will come from your cell phone which is continuously leaking information about you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The critical information given below gives as a vital clue on how to defeat the intended hidden agenda of the SIM Card Registration coercion of the government. There are creative ways of dealing with this abusive situation. Here are some of them.  

A. Emergency Situations

Let us say you are a widow of a military man. You have to have a registered SIM card to obtain the benefits due to the widow of a military man slain in combat or deceased for whatever reason. What do you do if you do not like to comply with the SIM Card Registration law? 

Let us take another example. You are the only caretaker of a sickly senior mother or father. You want to resist this intrusive SIM Card Registration law. What can you do? 

A.1. No Access or Erratic/Weak Access to the Internet

Under the emergency conditions specified above (and there are other scenarios), you and your loved ones will be forced to use your registered SIM. However, use your registered SIM for one and only one purpose and that is to deal with an emergency. Do not use it for any other purpose. In so doing, the government and the Telcos will only have redundant information about you and nothing else. 

In this way, you will “starve” that AI of the Telcos and other government agencies bent on tracking you. Yes, they will have whatever data you gave when you registered your SIM card. But that is all. If you do not use that registered SIM for other purposes, then they will not find out what are the other things you are doing in your day to day life. 

In addition, transfer your SIM to an analog phone that you will use just specifically for your loved ones in emergency situations. Having an analog phone will help you avoid the temptation of using your phone for other purposes. 

Furthermore, you will no longer be leaking massive amounts of data like you would if your continued to use your smart phone. As seen in the link above, the latter will leak all kinds of information about you: websites you visit, your “free google emails”, your FB messenger messages, and so on. 

A. 2. Accessing the Internet

Of course, you have other needs for your cell phone aside from emergency communications. In the modern world, the cell phone has become indispensible for all kinds of uses, including for work and travel purposes, among others. 

You transferred your SIM card to an analog phone for very limited and emergency use only. So how can you now do all the other things you need to do with your cell phone that no longer has a SIM card. 

A.2.1. Register Another SIM Card

The first thing to do is to register another SIM card. Make sure you only register a prepaid SIM not a postpaid SIM card. This latter has more invasive information requirements than a prepaid SIM. The law allows the use of several SIM cards provdied you register it. Since they already have some information from you, you will simply provide the same information to register the prepaid SIM card. It does not worsen your situation. 

A.2.2. Find Internet Access

Now that you have another SIM card for use in a Smart phone, you are now ready to expand your communication possibilities. But first you need to access the Internet. 

When accessig the Internet, NEVER USE the Hotspot Function of your cell phone. Instead, turn your cell phone to AIRPLANE MODE. In this way, you are cutting yourself off from the signal that comes from your Telco provider. You do not want to use your Telco provider unless you want them to continue surveilling the pattern of your cell phone use for whatever purposes it may serve them or the government. 

Instead, obtain Internet access from:

  • Your office
  • Your friends
  • Your own internet service. 

Never use “free wifi” provided by public establishments like airports, malls, restaurants, and so on. There “free” wifi are not free. You pay a fee in terms of the data that they will start obtaining from you. 

Read the Terms of Service (TOS) of these “free wifi” places. You will be shocked at what kind of data they will be mining from you in exchange for providing you “free” wifi. You can read for yourself the lack of respect for your data privacy. 

B. Resist and Regain Freedom Thru Better Apps

Now you have Internet access. But the challenge of resisting surveillance is not yet over. You may be frere from the spying eyes of the government-compliant Telcos that have ow been weaponized to surveil you. But you are not yet free from the hackers and “spies” that lurk in the Internet. If you want to use your cell phone in other, more safer ways, then you will need to do the following steps. 

B.1. Install a Virtual Private Network  (VPN)

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) encrypts your internet traffic while hiding your physical location (your computer’s IP address). It gives you better privacy and security protection. A VPN app is essential in today’s highly surveilled Internet landscape. 

There are many choices for your VPN. CCH uses the free Proton VPN that comes with a free Proton email address. More on this below. Here is the link to Proton’s VPN: https://protonvpn.com/

Once you have a safe and effective VPN, you are now ready to demonstrate how you can escape the digital prison that the control freaks in government have constructed with their SIM Card Registration law. 

What these technologically ignorant lawmakers did not realize is this. Their plot to surveil citizens will only work if compliant citizens continue to use unsafe and unsecure technologies and, therefore, continue to feed the AI beast that continuously requires to be fed by your data. 

If you stop feeding the AI data by migrating away from the surveillance tied to your Telco, then the SIM Card Registration law is useless. They will all of a sudden realize that you will not be using your SIM Card as they thought you would because, meanwhile, you have migrated to a totally new way of being active in the Internet as we shall show you below. 

The government will not be able to stop this creative resistance unless they ban the Internet. The moment they do that, then these control freaks will no either be recalled by the people through the use of the law on referendums or will not be voted back into power. Citizens will realize that governments that want to control do not really serve freedom nor democracy. 

B.2. Install Brave Browser

Now that you have a VPN, the next thing to do is to install a new browser. The best alternative to Google is the Brave browser. It blocks ads and trackers. Hence, it is faster than most browsers. It does not track your browsing history, which latter is essential in creating an AI profile of you for future use against you. 

Here is the link to the Brave browser.  https://brave.com/

B.3. Migrate from Messenger to Telegram

Many use Messenger for their private chats and group discussions. What most do not realize is that Messenger is public and Telcos and intelligence agencies can access your “private” messages in Messenger. 

Now that you have Internet access, you can now change this forever. You can do this by migrating from Messenger to Telegram. The latter is an encrypted and much more secure substitute for Messenger. In addition, it is also as easy to use as Messenger. Many friends of CCH, who have to communicate with friends and loved ones on a daily basis, have already migrated from Messenger to Telegram. They have not regretted the move. 

Note that you will need a SIM number to register in Telegram. This is the reason for registering a second SIM Card.as discussed above. What follows next below, however, only requires access to the Internet. No need for a SIM card. 

B.4. Migrate from Gmail to Protonmail

If you want communication via email, encourage yourself and them to open up a free proton email address at:  https://proton.me/. This is a free email service used by hundreds of millions around the world. It is encrypted and private. It is not subject to surveillance. Most importantly, you do not need a SIM card to activate protonmail. 

If you want to use it for other non-emergency purposes, there are other safer and more creative ways of using your SIM Card, ways that will not compromise your privacy and security. 

B.5. Enjoy Encrypted Video Calls without a SIM Card

If you prefer voice or video calls, you can just go to this free encrypted and private alternative to Zoom. It is called Jitsi. Here is the link: https://meet.jit.si/. It is very simple and friendly to use. You can just go to the site and click “start meeting”. You can then copy the link for that meeting and send it to your friends who are also in protonmail. 

Like protonmail, Jitsi does not require the use of a cell phone number. You can access it directly via the Internet.


Even if your SIM card is registered, once you execute the proposed steps above, the Telcos will no longer be able to surveil you. Your SIM Card is registered but is now silent. There is no longer any automatically recorded transaction coming from you because you have migrated to all the other communications options that are available in the Internet. 

The pain of forced registration can now bring the gift of greater privacy and security. But only if you do  not accept it as your destiny to forever follow government dictates even if such dictates are obviously flawed and manipulative.

We are all free spirits. We were born free. We should be ashamed of ourselves if we live a life of a slave to government dictates and ultimately die as a broken person without the courage and the strength to resist the tyranny and enslavement of the human spirit. 

We are alive for a task, a mission. Let us not forget what we came here for in this life. Let us not be enamored with all the conveniences that modern communications technology has given us. In the end, if we have courage and creativity, we can always find a way to address legitimate needs without having to abandon our freedoms and our spiritual mission. For the true liberated human spirit is mightier than all the attempts to enslave it by the materialisitic world and its technologies. 


  1. Signal app is also an alternative to messenger. The app uses end-to-end encryption, protecting every message you send to your contacts. Whether you’re talking directly to an individual or a group, all your messages are always kept absolutely private. Not even Signal’s servers have access to the information of your groups.

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