June 14, 2024

On Wednesday, July 26, 2023, the government will deactivate all cell phone SIM cards that are not registered. CCH readers and friends have reached out to CCH asking for our perspective on this issue. 

Preparation to Understand What Follows

To understand the CCH position below, kindly watch, in full, this very important Episode 29 of Kalayaan News in CCH’s Rumble Channel. It is one of the most watched videos of CCH and one of the most prophetic in terms of the accuracy of the dangers pointed out there. 

Here is the link. https://rumble.com/v23u1ke-episode-29-digital-na-kulungan-para-sa-mga-pinoy.html

CCH Decision: NO to SIM Card Registration

From this video, it is clear that CCH will not be registering its SIM card. Even those who have postpaid and whose SIM cards were automatically registered, will eventually terminate their SIM card registration. It is choice between convenience versus the principle of resisting surveillance, control, and being in a digital prison. 

Options for Those Who will not be Intimidated

The question remains. What are the options for communication once one’s SIM card is deactivated. Here are some of them that you may wish to explore. 

These alternatives are all censor free, encrypted, and private. All of them, except one, will require the use of the Internet. Since you no longer have your hotspot from your cell phone, you will need to be in an area with Wi-Fi service including an Internet café. 

In addition, these alternatives will be useful for all kinds of communication needs. You can communicate through the means below with your family, friends, colleagues and partners. 

Email Communications

To stay in touch with your family and friends, take this as an occasion to explain your decision. Encourage them to watch Episode 29 discussed above. Tell them that you will be in touch via email, snall mail. or some other electronic means. (See below.)  

If you want communication via email, encourage yourself and them to open up a free proton email address at: https://protonmail.com. This is a free email service used by hundreds of millions around the world. It is encrypted and private. It is not subject to surveillance. Most importantly, you do not need a SIM card to activate protonmail

Since we are dealing with escaping the digital prison, it would be better to use protonmail instead of the usual gmail, yahoomail, or other such mainstream services. These latter are part of the infrastructure of the digital prison being set up all over the world. They constantly steal your data. 

Agree with your family, friends, and co-workers on specific communications protocols. For example, agree on which time would be most convenient for all parties to check their email. Will it be once a day or three times a day? 

Messenger-Like Platforms

If you want more frequent communications, that are also encrypted and secure, you can set up an account with telegram at https://telegram.org/. This telegram app functions like Messenger. You can create private chat groups within it.  

You will need to do this now as telegram may require a cell phone number. The telegram account will still function even though your cell phone number has been deactivated. 

By the way, we have requested Telegram to enable their app to be accessed without the use of a cell phone. We will update you when we receive their answer. 

Voice/Video Calls

If you prefer voice or video calls, you can just go to this free encrypted and private alternative to Zoom. It is called Jitsi. Here is the link: https://meet.jit.si/. It is very simple and friendly to use. You can just go to the site and click “start meeting”. You can then copy the link for that meeting and send it to your friends who are also in protonmail. 

Like protonmail, Jitsi does not require the use of a cell phone number. You can access it directly via the Internet. 

Accessing Internet Services

You will note that all of the options above require accessing an Internet. You will therefore need access to a Wife signal. You can no longer use your cell phone for this purpose. But. with your cell phone, you can still use a Wi-Fi signal. You can also go to an Internet Café, if need be. 

Other means of Internet access is use the Internet connection of your office or friends. These are independent of cell phones. 

Satellite Phones

There are satellite phones that one can use to maintain communications even if one has no access to the Internet or if the Internet, for some reason, breaks down. Unfortunately, there are no businesses in the Philippines selling satellite phones. Also the prices of satellite phones are not within the range of most Filipinos. It is important, however, that you know that such an option exists.  


If your communication needs are within a 1 or 2 kilometer range, there are plenty of reasonably priced handsets that you can buy.  CCH will be using these handsets to communicate within the eco-community that CCH is living in. 

Banking Services

Banks are unforgiving. They require the use of a cell phone with a registered SIM if you want to access the bank digitally or electronically. 

The only option here is to locate the nearest bank in your area and open an account there. Once opened, you can access their banking services the way it was done before the Internet and cell phones came. It can be done by the good old way: face-to-face banking transactions. 

For Those Who Have Registered

Know that the facial recognition requirement for registration will be a terrible burden on your future. As explained in Episode 29 above, this is a very advanced technology for tracking and surveilling you and ultimately put you into a digital prison. 

All is not lost, however. If you realize you made a mistake, you can still decide not to use your registered SIM number and cell phone anymore. You can junk both. There is no law against that. There is no law requiring that you must have a cell phone with a registered SIM card. 

True, they have your facial recognition ID. But that ID will not be able to function properly if no new data is being constantly fed into it. Remember, the “food” of AI is data. No data, no food. No food, no AI-based manipulation. 

However, before deactivating yourself, gradually inform your friends about your decision. Take all the steps outlined above for those who did not register their SIM card. Your family and friends need to understand your decision. Otherwise, it will create unnecessary tension between you and them. 

Remember. If you did not allow yourself to be vaccinated, it was because there was a probability that the vaccine could kill you. Registering your SIM card will kill you gradually. The vaccines can kill your body. The SIM card will ultimately kill your soul and spirit. You will live a life with a daily dose of surveillance, leading ultimately to control as explained in Episode 29 above. 

Having a SIM card today for convenience is the same as wanting to have a slow soul-spiritual death because you have exchanged your freedom and dignity with the equivalent of thirty pieces of silver.  

PLEASE SHARE THIS ARTICLE WIDELY. I know many Filipinos do not want to be tracked and traced like animals and be subject to all kinds of abuses in the future from government. Reading this article could be their way out of the prison that they have created for themselves. Following this manipulative law is  playing into the hands of global powers that have zero respect for humanity as long as they achieve dominance, control and murder. That clearly is not the future of our human species. 


  1. No to Sim Registration, this prohibits the Constitutional Rights of Individual’s Privacy Law.

  2. You appear to be able to register any details, at least with Globe, very easily.

    For instance, you can register a name as ‘I am not willing to provide this information’ for almost every field.

    Location is forced, but you can enter anything.

    The AI software they are using to verify IDs is awful. As long as the text you enter in the fields is visible in the image, it will be approved. So an image that is just text on a blank background would work.

    The whole registration thing is completely pointless when their system is so awful.

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