April 19, 2024

The final verdict on draconian COVID policies: Never Again!


The following article is a systematic review and meta-analysis conducted by researchers from the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA). It evaluates the effectiveness of the lockdowns and COVID restrictions implemented during the height of the COVID scamdemic.

Out of the 19,646 studies identified that could potentially address the purpose of the study, only 32 studies qualified, while only 22 could be converted to standardized measures necessary for the meta-analysis.

The researchers discussed the varying opinions and evidence regarding the impact of lockdowns on controlling the spread of the virus. They say that while lockdowns may have initially reduced the spread of the virus and reduced cases, their long-term effects are catastrophic. The draconian policies led to various negative consequences such as economic downturn, mental health issues, and delay in medical treatment.

The authors argue for a more balanced approach, with the costs and benefits of restrictions carefully considered in decision-making.

Editor’s Note: This research is important because IEA has a long history and is an important think tank that analyzes and expounds on the “role of markets in solving economic and social problems”.
The fact that there are only 32 studies that would qualify for assessing the impact of lockdowns and draconian restrictions speaks of the reality that these policies were unscientific, just as what we said in the early years of this website [also see Will the real WHO please stand up? and Attention Lawyers! Take Action! We are in the Midst of Medical Martial Law. Our Human Rights Are Being Trampled Upon and Millions Harmed by Illegal lockdowns. Plus Hundreds of Thousands are Killed/Harmed by Illegal Vaccines. Disaster Amidst a Fake Health Emergency in the Philippines.].

We hope that our experience in the last three years would allow people to become more proactive and discerning. We must realize that our governments are no longer working for us, and that if there is no pushback, they will gladly take away our citizens’ rights. [This is why we continue to campaign for freedom, and against SB1869, see Nicanor Perlas Explains the Dangers of SB1869, BRIEFING PAPER ON SB1869: Why SB1869 APPROVAL NEEDS TO BE STOPPED NOW AND THE BILL RADICALLY REVISED].

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