April 12, 2024

How the Globalists are Using Language As A Tool of Oppression


This article written by Thomas Harrington for the Brownstone Institute explores how language can be used as a tool for power, destruction, and manipulation. It looks at “newspeak”, the impact of political correctness on language, and how it could effectively oppress and marginalize people and change the perception of reality.

The author emphasizes the importance of preserving language and remaining vigilant against attempts to control it.

Editor’s Note: This article is important because, over the last three years, politically-charged discussions have introduced more and more new terms to further obscure language.

Take for example the use of the term “disinformation” to refer to ideas that are not accepted by the mainstream, instead of using words like “criticism”, “points of discussion” or “debate”. They have also popularized the erasure of the term “women”, “mother”, and “father” in favor of gender-neutral terms such as “people who get pregnant” or “non-men”.

There is a reason for this shift in language, and it is not to promote empowerment, but rather, to create confusion. We encourage you to read the full article to understand why using the correct terms to describe specific situations and conditions is powerful.

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