April 15, 2024

World Health Assembly Cites Need to ‘Restrict Personal Liberties’ and Expand WHO’s Emergency Powers


In this June 2, 2023 article for The Defender, Michael Nevradakis reports that the recently concluded 76th World Health Assembly (WHO) did not ratify a new pandemic treaty and the amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR) but several member countries have expressed calls to “restrict personal liberties” during health emergencies.

Some of the critical points raised by Nevradaki included the following:

  • A new “bureau’s text” has been circulated during the WHA, which could be worse than the original draft.
  • Member states will discuss the bureau’s text in early June and a drafting group process will be launched in mid-June. The WHO wants to ratify both the pandemic treaty and the WHA by 2024.
  • The US is giving its full support to the pandemic treaty and IHR amendments and has created a “Compliance Committee” that will monitor the strict compliance of member states to the IHR.

Editor’s Note: This article is clear proof that the authoritarian takeover is global, and that the fight against SB 1869 will escalate in the coming months.

We encourage you to read the attached article in full in order to understand the political implications of the pandemic treaty and the IHR amendments. [Also read Nicanor Perlas Explains the Dangers of SB1869 and watch PUBLIC SEMINAR EP. 76: SB 1869 in Light of Dramatic World Events].

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