April 12, 2024

Jim Caviezel Uncovers Truth About Child Trafficking in Hollywood


In a recent interview with Steve Bannon, Hollywood actor Jim Caviezel discussed the issue of child trafficking and how it is prevalent in Hollywood. Caviezel revealed that he has knowledge about the issue, which he described as “the biggest problem in the world.”

According to Caviezel, Hollywood is involved in child trafficking, and there are powerful people in the industry who are part of this criminal activity. He also mentioned Jeffrey Epstein’s island, where he claimed that children were trafficked for the pleasure of the rich and famous.

Editor’s Note: We encourage you to read these two articles Top Dutch Banker Reveals Crimes of the Elites: Money-laundering, War-Mongering, Child Sacrifices, Etc. and Jeffrey Epstein, COVID, and the New World Order to discover the truth about child trafficking and to understand its connection to the New World Order.

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