May 26, 2024

Top Dutch Banker Reveals Crimes of the Elites: Money-laundering, War-Mongering, Child Sacrifices, Etc.


The following video is a compilation of a series of interviews given by Ronald Bernard, a top Dutch Banker who exposed crimes of the elites, particularly in the banking industry.

In this series of interviews, Bernard exposed how elites orchestrated wars, crashed national economies, and used child sacrifices to blackmail its members.

Editor’s Note: When you finish watching this video, we encourage you also read the article on Jeffrey Epstein in order to gain a fuller picture of how our world’s institutions are being held hostage by these elites who have anti-human agenda [see Jeffrey Epstein, COVID, and the New World Order].

The information on the organized crimes that are mentioned by Bernard in his interviews exists. Consider this: in 2006, John Perkins published his book “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” which detailed how he helped create the corporatocracy, a network of corporations, banks, governments, and rich and powerful people. He said they used all kinds of tools to force governments to disobey their dictates.

Both Epstein and Perkins are proof that there is an international organization that is dictating economics, policies, and societies. This group is made up of influential people who use other conduits to manipulate the world in a certain direction – a future where freedom, dignity, and humanity have no space.

Is this the future we want for ourselves and our children?

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