April 20, 2024

Central Bank Digital Currency Initiatives Will Dominate the Summer Davos in China


In this May 25, 2023 report, investigative journalist Jordan Schachtel looks at the composition of the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) co-chairs for the Annual Meeting of the New Champions (Summer Davos) to get an idea into the conversations that are bound to happen at the China-hosted event.

Schachtel says, “The co-chairs’ roster for Summer Davos includes some very powerful individual forces and mouthpieces for ruling class power centers…it appears that the WEF and CCP want CBDCs [central bank digital currencies] to be at the top of the agenda for this year’s conference”.

Schachtel says other industries that will be supported by the Summer Davos will be natural resources and food.

Editor’s Note: We hope that people already understand the importance of monitoring these meetings being initiated by the WEF.

If the next agenda are all related to the centralization of power in relation to money, natural resources, and food, we must now think of solutions and actions that will enable us to push back, survive, and thrive.

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