June 14, 2024

DOH Says CDC Bill Won’t Lead To Medical Martial Law


In a press conference held last March 28, 2023, Department of Health (DOH) Officer in Charge (OIC) Maria Rosario Vergeire said that the establishment of the Philippine Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will not lead to “medical martial law”.

According to Vergeire, the bill was meant to address the weaknesses of the Philippines’ health care system, which will “harmonize the laboratories, experts, and scientists, wherein there will be speedy trials so we can look into technologies needed to address illnesses”. Vergeire adds that the bill will also enable the Philippines to receive the bivalent COVID shots which will be donated by COVAX.

Vergeire released this statement following various protests against Senate Bill 1869.

Editor’s Note: We want to clarify that we are in no way opposed to the modernization of the Philippines’ health care system. We know that it must be modernized and harmonized in order for our country to be able to meet its healthcare goals.

What we are opposed to is giving a government agency the right to dictate our health choices. We encourage you to watch Nicanor Perlas Explains the Dangers of SB1869 and read BRIEFING PAPER ON SB1869: Why SB1869 APPROVAL NEEDS TO BE STOPPED NOW AND THE BILL RADICALLY REVISED to better understand the issue.

It still baffles us to this day why the Philippines continues to vaccinate when the rest of the world has already moved on from COVID. Many countries have already stopped vaccinating, even with the bivalent shots which are even more questionable compared to the original monovalent shots [read Moderna Releases Untested Bivalent Shot For Defunct COVID Strains, Dr. Paul Offit Cautions Against New Bivalent Covid Shots: FDA Approved It Without Clinical Trials, Reason To Doubt It Beats Original Vaccine].

Why does Vergeire continue to sell these vaccines? And why are our senators not conducting a review of the Philippines’ COVID policies until now? When will they finally acknowledge that the majority of the policies instituted to “curb” COVID were useless and unconstitutional?

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