May 25, 2024

Tony Blair Tells Davos: We need a global database to know who is vaccinated and who is not


The following article features a 22-second video of the UK’s former Prime Minister Tony Blair speaking at the World Economic Forum (WEF). Blair said that a national digital infrastructure will need to be developed to monitor the vaccine status of citizens.

Editor’s Note: Why does the government need to monitor the vaccination status of citizens, when they have never been necessary for the past? What is so different with the mRNA shots that Blair is now advocating for this?

For context, Blair has been insisting on the need for compulsory vaccine passports and punishing the unvaccinated. He has also played a major role in the US War on Terror which became a catalyst for various laws that violated constitutional rights. He is no stranger to government overreach.

This article is relevant for us Filipinos because this same “initiative” will definitely creep into our society. We encourage you to read the following articles for more details [see DILG Wants Village Chiefs to Submit List of Unvaccinated Residents, Open Letter To Our Senators: You Must Exercise Due Diligence on the Bill Creating the Philippine CDC. Also read Sign the Petition: Stop The DOH’s Plan To Institutionalize Pandemic Tyranny, Update on Petition: DOH’s “Pandemic Bill” Has Passed Third Reading, Petition Letter Sent To Senate].

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