May 30, 2024

URGENT MESSAGE on WHO Petition: Your Signature is a VOTE for DEMOCRACY, Google blocking Petition Signers, Here is What You Can Do AND You will have to do it TODAY


Before anything else, we want to give our heartfelt thanks to the more than 1,345 CCH readers who have signed the Petition against the WHO power grab that is unfolding right now. (See here for the Petition and the actual numbers of signers.) In addition, signing that Petition is a VOTE FOR DEMOCRACY as the proposed amendments to the WHO International Health Regulations (IHR) will erase democracy in all countries that agree to the amendments

That simple act of yours will have strategic ramifications for the Philippine position at the World Health Assembly (WHA) and beyond. 

The WHA deliberations began yesterday. They are ongoing. So, TODAY, we need to send the Petition to the Philippine Delegation at the WHA.

However, we have a challenge. We know that more than 3,000 people have signed the Petition. We have a computer program that independently knows this. In addition, we are receiving a lot of messages from those who signed the Petition that they are not receiving the email verification necessary to complete the process. And ALL those experiencing this challenge have GMAIL ADDRESSES

In short, Google is censoring the signing of Petitions as Google algorithms are most likely picking up Information that tens of millions of concerned citizens around the world are signing petitions similar to ours. Already there are reports that, as of last week, more than 300 million have signed petitions to stop the WHO power grab. 

Google wants to stop this. They are part of the power grab. They have invested hundreds of millions in pharmaceutical companies. (We have shown evidence of this in our Public Seminar series that you can access here.) Google will earn billions of dollars should the WHO power grab succeed. 

Here is what you can do. Open a FREE email address at This is one of the most secure encrypted and protected email services in the world. It will take only a few minutes to do this. 

Once you have your new protonmail address, use that address to convey your intent to sign the Petition on WHO. Almost guaranteed, you will immediately receive an email asking you to verify your intent. Once you confirm, that will be the equivalent of a formal digital signature. 

PLEASE DO THIS TODAY AS SOON AS YOU CAN. BECAUSE OF THE WHO DEADLINE, WE NEED TO SEND THE PETITION BY TODAY. And we want to make sure that all those who wish to sign the Petition are able to do so. 

51 thoughts on “URGENT MESSAGE on WHO Petition: Your Signature is a VOTE for DEMOCRACY, Google blocking Petition Signers, Here is What You Can Do AND You will have to do it TODAY

  1. Itigil nyo na po ang COVID-19 vaccine maraming na mamatay at nagkakasakit na. Matakot kayo sa Dios AMA sa Langit laging nakatingin sa pinagagawa ninyo. What goes around comes around. Managsisi kayo sa mga kasalanan pinagagawa nyo sa Tao mas matindi maningil ang Langit may pamilya din kayo.





  3. Stop manipulation people’s freedom and dignity. Don’t over power or by passing our constitutional rights of law.

    1. Jocelyn
      Please dear stop using gmail they are helping the WHO and Gates Foundation to impose mandatory vaccines and lockdowns
      Try to find a email provider that is not google or yahoo or microsoft
      And thank you for your post and spread the word about the WHO Treaty and the harmful consequences of a experimental mRNA vaccine

  4. Unfortunately dear staff and Nicanor most people were purposely duped into the likes of facebook, gmail, and many other ‘social’ media where their main purpose is to store/archive and scrutinise people for reasons that it seems obvious for those who use a bit of brain. Where I live my friends call it Goolag (a mix of gulag and google) and for a good reason when one see how they along with all this north american apparatchik, censor and censor many articles, texts, comments or whatever goes against their narrative. I do not use Goolag for more than 20 yrs, there are dozens of alternatives most private and safe in order to look something inside the internet, is one, is another one, there are dozens more. And emails, how come people give up their privacy and personal info to a evil company like Goolag?! I can not understand, and no no one I know is doing illegal things, we just want to be respected and be left alone with our own work and matters. And of course nowadays lots of people, I mean lots of, are battling the authoritarian and new world order evil thing and using gmail is like giving up all your hard work free to this evil company to track you down and censor you in order to enrich them with more power and info. Wake Up people who use Goolag! Use a email you can afford to pay, there is very cheap email providers which will respect your privacy and even for free like ProtonMail (thou I suspect of them a bit since they are based in Swiss, the land of Davos and the evil-mor WEF).
    And here I want to share two wonderful and useful articles which I believe the writers of both will let you guys to republish and share with your audience. 1) and 2) ………. Have you all a great week and Stay FREE!

      1. YOu can expect a new round of mandatory vaccination with the boosters. They’re also using the same strategy with moneypox.

  5. Ihinto nyo na ang panakot gamit ang vaccine at RTPCR o antigen. Bigyan nyo pa ng mahabang buhay ang mga tao para kaawaan kayo ng Dios

  6. Please po🙏 stop na po ang mandatory vaccine po maawa nmn po kayo sa mga nagkasakit at namatay dahil sa bakuna pagpalain po kayo ng ating Dios sa inyong kabutihan.🙏

    1. We hope that our leaders will be as keen in assessing global situations as you are Fancie. All the information they need to make the right decision is available, if only they learn to look.

  7. COVID are hoax no truth and vaccine are imagination of evil globalist to depopulate , control the whole world as if they are god but god of doom but the true GOD IS THE MOST POWERFUL OF ALL AND YOU “WHO” WILL NOT PREVAIL YOU WILL BE THROWN IN THE LAKE OF FIRE AND BURNING SULFUR!!!!!

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