April 19, 2024

Research Shows Moderna Shots Lead to Autoimmune Hepatitis


The following article was published by the Journal of Hepatology last October 4, 2021. In it, authors Gloria Shwe Zin Tun, Dermot Gleeson, Amer Al-Joudeh, and Asha Dube say that immune-mediated hepatitis following Moderna vaccination has been confirmed by their case study.

According to the researchers, before their subject was vaccinated, he had “no other medical problems”. They also said that his case worsened following the second dose of the Moderna vaccine. The authors concluded, “We report this case to encourage vigilance for drug-induced reactions and to raise awareness to vaccination centres to incorporate it into their routine checks before administering second doses. Long-term follow up of identified individuals will be essential in determining the prognosis of this immune-mediated liver injury.”

Editor’s Note: Why is this article important, you ask? Well, mainly because there is a precedent to this. We encourage you to read this 2004 article: SARS vaccine linked to liver damage in ferret study.

Has any government actually paid attention to this article? Were hospitals informed to keep track of autoimmune hepatitis following this report? If this confirmed side effect was not being monitored by both the government and the vaccine manufacturer, are we even surprised that controversial adverse events such as blindness and fetal deaths are not under-reported? [Also read Thousands of eye disorders including blindness reported after vaccination, Dead Babies in VAERS as Another Study Shows mRNA Shots Not Safe for Pregnant Women].

Now we wish to stress, this study has been available since October 2021. Why doesn’t the government know about this?

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