April 19, 2024

Last November 12, 2021, Tennessee Governor Bill Lee signed an extensive measure into law that will broadly embargo COVID-19 vaccine passports and restrict the enforcement of mask mandates across the state. This story was written by Mimi Nguyen Ly and published by Epoch Times last November 13, 2021.

According to the report, the new legislation[1]CC9002.pdf (tn.gov) will immediately ban government entities, public schools, and many private businesses from requiring verification of COVID-19 vaccines as a condition of entry, or mandating vaccines among their staff.

This decision was hailed by Tennessee Republican House Speaker Cameron Sexton, who posted on Twitter on November 13[2]https://twitter.com/CSexton25/status/1459309601992716301?s=20, “A big win for upholding the constitutional rights of all citizens! Proud that we protected parental rights & the ability of Tennesseans to make health decisions free of government intrusion & coercion while also drawing a line in the sand against Biden’s unconstitutional overreach.”

Editor’s Note: This is another triumph for all the freedom fighters. Hearing and witnessing a leader holding water for democracy strengthens our faith in humanity.

Remember that we have reported Gov. Bill Lee signed an executive order in September allowing quarantines, involuntary internment for COVID imposed by National Guard which tagged Lee as someone tyrannical, but this development has put him in a better spot. [See US State Governor Issues Authoritarian Measures to Address Covid Challenge].

Whatever his intentions are for changing his mind, we commend Gov. Lee for heeding the call of citizens for leaders to uphold medical freedom.

In the Philippines, we call on our politicians to be this kind of leader. We want leaders who are incorruptible, and who uphold citizen rights and dignity. But take note that having a leader that supports our cause is a good thing, however, we must not rely on them to change our futures. We must take action ourselves [see KNOW YOUR RIGHTS: A Legal Explanation by Atty. Aaron Soguilon; Ready to pushback? Here are some documents you can use to protect yourself from vaccine coercion; Nicanor Perlas Asks the Duterte Government to Cease and Desist Extreme and Unscientific Covid Policies That Are Killing and Harming Filipinos and Destroying the Country; MANIFESTO AND PRINCIPLES OF UNITY OF THE PHILIPPINE RESISTANCE AGAINST COVID TYRANNY].

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