May 25, 2024

Do not take the vaccine if you’ve had COVID


This article was published by Life Site News on May 20, 2021. It tells the story of Dr. Mark Hobart, who tried to warn his state’s Chief Medical Officer on the dangers of vaccinating people who have recovered from COVID-1.

According to Dr. Hobart, he was prompted to write the letter when one of his patients who recovered from COVID and who was found to have COVID-specific antibodies began experiencing serious illness after his vaccination. Dr. Hobart said, “The patient was in the hospital for a week, and while he was there, he was diagnosed with a chest infection – even though there was no evidence that he had had a chest infection…What disturbed me was that the doctors in the hospital told him ‘This has nothing to do with the vaccination'”.

Dr. Hobart has also concurred with an Australian immunologist who says, “If you’ve had coronavirus and you’ve got antibodies, you’ll have at least as good or better immunity than the vaccine There’s no need to have the vaccine”.

He also found support from a study entitled “Self-Reported Real-World Safety and Reactogenicity of COVID-19 Vaccines: A Vaccine Recipient Survey”. According to the study, people who had recovered from COVID-19 had a much higher risk of getting severe side effects from the COVID-19 vaccine.

Editor’s Note: Dr. Hobart is not alone in his views that those who already had COVID should not have the vaccine.

For example, in March 2021, Dr. Suneel Dhand released a video expressing his hesitation for taking the vaccine because he already had antibodies [see Pro-vaccine internal medicine doctor explains why he won’t take the COVID vaccine]. Meanwhile, in April 2021, Paul Alexander, Howard Tenenbaum, and Dr. Parnez Dara already pushed for discussion about the dangers of vaccinating recovered COVID patients [see Do you need a vaccine if you already had COVID?].

If you read the two articles cited above, you will see that they all point to the same thing: recovered patients are already protected from the disease, regardless of what strain of the virus they caught. The articles also point out that the immune system is superior to vaccination, and that it could be dangerous for recovered COVID patients to take the vaccine [This fact is corroborated by several scientific studies, read New study finds mild COVID creates lasting antibody producing cells, New study: T-cells induced by COVID infection can respond to new SARS-CoV-2 variants, Our immune system evolves to fight coronavirus variants, and Study of 10-million person-identifiable PCR-test in Denmark shows young people protected from SARS-CoV-2 reinfection].

Why do governments insist on vaccinating recovered patients, when they were excluded from the trials, and science is showing that they are putting their lives at risk if they take the vaccine? [To learn more about this, read 57 leading scientists, doctors, and public policy experts call for immediate halt to COVID vaccine rollout].

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