December 5, 2023

Czech court halts requirement of a negative test for inbound travelers


In this April 1, 2021 article for The West Australian Newspaper, Michael Heitmann reports a court ruling which overturned the coronavirus testing requirement for people entering the Czech Republic. According to the court, the measure, which requires travelers to present a negative coronavirus result violated the basic rights enshrined by the Czech constitution.

The court says that it has given some time for the government to decide on new rules to comply with the ruling. The judges emphasized that they did not want to diminish the severity of the pandemic but it could not justify an erosion of the law.

Editor’s Note: This article makes a whole lot of sense, considering that testing is faulty, and should not be used as a pre-condition for travel [see BBC: Coronavirus tests could be picking up dead virus, New York Times: More experts questioning RT-PCR testing, and RT-PCR tests are scientifically meaningless]. As a matter of fact, it shouldn’t be used at all as a basis for policymaking, given that it cannot be used for diagnosing illness [see WHO finally admits the problem of PCR tests, Why PCR testing should not be used for public policy making]. This fact was illustrated in December 2020 by Austrian FPÖ Member of Parliament Michael Schnedlitz when he administered a live COVID test using Coca-Cola, which later on tested positive.[1]The video of the test may be found here: Also read

To date, the Czech government has largely ignored the ruling, as no changes have been implemented in its policy for travelers going to the country. This tells us one thing: coronavirus measures are in place, not because they have scientific support, but because government leaders choose to keep them against all evidence supporting its removal. And if the government can ignore a court ruling at the expense of undermining its own constitution, then we know that it is no longer serving the interest of its people.

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1 The video of the test may be found here: Also read

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