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COVID-19 highlights the need for clean water

Even before COVID-19 struck, the United Nations already warned against the decreasing supply for clean water. At least 2 billion people around the world are forced to drink contaminated which has led to diseases and deaths.  In this article for the National Observer published last April 22, 2020, author Maude Barlow says that supply of clean water […]

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What’s next after the coronavirus?

In this article for Global Research, Peter Koenig explores how the world can change after the coronavirus pandemic. As the virus has brought the entire world to a standstill, the time is rife for systemic change. Koenig says that two future possibilities are emerging. On one hand is the rise of 5G and artificial intelligence […]

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Science clear: Lift lockdowns

It has been three months since the pandemic has been declared, what do we now know about the novel coronavirus and COVID-19?  Integrating information from the many researches being done around the world,  authors from the Swiss Policy Research offer a more objective picture of the state of the coronavirus pandemic. They show us that there is […]


Separating science from politics and fear-mongering

In this commentary article for CNS News, Jeffrey Mc Call, professor of communication at DePauw University talks about how science has been misused both in public policy and media reporting on COVID-19. McCall says that science was heralded as the source of the decision for lockdowns, but leaders have failed to consider the sociopolitical, cultural, and […]

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3.9 million Filipino workers might lose jobs

In this article for The Manila Times, author William Depasupil says that 78% of businesses affected by COVID-19 will remain closed for months, hence leading to the loss of some 3.9 million jobs. The figure included both local and overseas Filipino workers.  Editor’s Note: Will the Philippines have the capacity to ensure that basic needs of the […]

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What are the implications of the CDC planning scenarios?

The following article written by Daniel Horowitz takes a closed look at the CDC document [see CDC Confirms Very Low COVID-19 Death Rate In The US]. Horowitz says that with the current estimates (which are based on actual data submitted by hospitals to the CDC until April 29, 2020), we are now seeing that COVID-19 is […]

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NEDA: Societal impacts of lockdown in RP

This article by Jake Maderazo for the Philippine Inquirer offers to us a rundown of some issues surrounding the COVID-19 response of the Philippines. Most notable in his short essay, however, is the result of the survey conducted by the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) conducted last month as a way of assessing the […]

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Austrian minister denounces the use of fear-based strategy to deal with COVID-19

In this 16-minute address to the Austrian government, Minister of the Interior Herbert Kickl denounces the strategy used by the country in dealing with COVID-19. He says that the country’s leaders are capitalizing on fear, to the effect of curtailing the freedoms of its citizens, which in turn has lead to the destruction of its […]