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Projections on how COVID-19 will reorder our societies

In this March issue of The Politico Magazine, we read some expert predictions on how our societies will be transformed by COVID-19. From this article, it is the opportunity for change is apparent. The author, however cautions: such societal transformation can go both ways. It can either lead us toward a sustainable, nurturing, and life-giving future, or […]


Hopeline hotline for depressed and suicidal Filipinos record 200% increase in calls

Just one month after the countrywide lockdown was imposed on the Philippines, more Filipinos are feeling depressed and anxious. This comes as no surprise as the number of Filipinos struggling with their mental health was already increasing long before the coronavirus isolated them from their communities.  For Hopeline founder Jean Goulbourn, the inability to leave […]


Our fear of the coronavirus will change the world

In this article for Dr. Mercola, Barbara Loe Fisher looks at the ramifications of the coronavirus and lockdowns have on our societies. She also explores some of the issues surrounding the coronavirus response of the United States.  Fisher’s article shows us how fear led to entire populations to give up their civil liberties, and how governments, […]

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Corporate media is weaponized infotainment meant to control us

In this March 15, 2020 article for Vision Launch, Marc Zorn explores how corporate media is influencing our lies, and preprogramming our minds to accept their agenda.  Zorn says that there is a major flaw in the business model of corporate media. Though they profess to “serve” citizens by offering an insight to the latest news […]

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COVID-19 highlights the need for clean water

Even before COVID-19 struck, the United Nations already warned against the decreasing supply for clean water. At least 2 billion people around the world are forced to drink contaminated which has led to diseases and deaths.  In this article for the National Observer published last April 22, 2020, author Maude Barlow says that supply of clean water […]

Ecological Loss of wildlife habitats & new pandemics

Factory farms are breeding grounds for pandemics

The following article from The Guardian shows us that our individual choices have an impact on health and the overall wellbeing of nations.  Authors Jonathan Safran Foer and Aaron Gross reveal to us that the emergence of COVID-19 is not unique, and that it is likely to happen again. Foer and Gross tells the story of the […]

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Spanish government apologized to children for lockdowns

In April 23, 2020, Spanish Deputy Prime Minister Pablo Iglesias apologized to children for confining them in their homes since mid-March when the lockdowns started.  Iglesias also thanked children for the sacrifices they have made.  Spanish children have been allowed to play outside of their homes since April 26, 2020. Editor’s Note: The apology issued by […]

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What’s next after the coronavirus?

In this article for Global Research, Peter Koenig explores how the world can change after the coronavirus pandemic. As the virus has brought the entire world to a standstill, the time is rife for systemic change. Koenig says that two future possibilities are emerging. On one hand is the rise of 5G and artificial intelligence […]

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Science clear: Lift lockdowns

It has been three months since the pandemic has been declared, what do we now know about the novel coronavirus and COVID-19?  Integrating information from the many researches being done around the world,  authors from the Swiss Policy Research offer a more objective picture of the state of the coronavirus pandemic. They show us that there is […]


The hidden danger of lockdowns: Indoor air pollution

As lockdowns were imposed in countries around the world, news of improved environmental conditions started flooding social media feeds. In the the US, air pollution was reported to have dropped by 30%. Meanwhile, levels of carbon dioxide and volatile organic compounds inside homes increased by 15 to 30%.  In this article for Scientific American, Emily Anthes […]