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Our immune system is the biggest mystery during this coronavirus outbreak

This article written by Dr. John Lee for The Spectator relates to us what is known about viruses, and their role in the evolution and development of life. He says that all coronaviruses, being RNA viruses, predates life itself. And as all of life have developed alongside RNA viruses, our bodies have evolved with the […]

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Indigenous Kokama favors ayahuasca for COVID-19 treatment after seeing drop in COVID deaths

The death of Kokama community leader Guilherme Padilha Samiaslast May due to COVID-19 changed the way the community treated those with symptoms of the disease. In an article for the Mongabay published August 17, 2020, Maria Fernanda Ribeiro, Kokama chief Edney Samias was quoted saying “At first, we relied on the medicine of non-Indigenous people, […]

Integral Theory of Health The significance of host resistance

Boosting immune system, a viable treatment strategy for COVID-19

New research findings from the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis offers a new theory as to why COVID-19 patients become seriously ill. Senior investigator Richard Hotchkiss says that results are showing that the immune systems of involved patients are not doing enough to protect them from the virus, hence leading them in […]

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Clinical trial for virgin coconut oil shows potential as supplement COVID-19 treatment

Clinical trials on virgin coconut oil (VCO) as a supplement for treatment of COVID-19 is showing promise as a majority of participants have been discharged. The initial study was conducted at Sta. Rosa Community Hospital and involved 45 patients with mild symptoms.  Department of Science and Technology (DOST) Secretary Fortunato Dela Pena says that more […]

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What should you emphasize for good health: inner terrain or outer terrain?

There are two theories of disease and infection. The first was promoted by Louis Pasteur is the Germ Theory. The second, proposed by Antoine Bechamp is known as the Host Theory, and is the complete opposite of the first. According to the Germ Theory, disease is caused by invasive, pathogenic germs coming from nature. Meanwhile, […]

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Our complicated relationship with viruses

In this 2016 article published by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences, we will discover that at least 10% of the human genome is made up of virus DNA. The report shows us that rather than harming us, virus DNA are actually beneficial. Commonly referred to as endogenous retroviruses (ERVs), these viral hitch hikers actually […]

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Rewilding urban spaces can strengthen the human immune system

This article by Medical Xpress explores the result of a study conducted by a team from the University of Adelaide which discovered that revegetation of urban spaces not only improved soil microbiota, it also offered benefits for human health. According to the study’s lead author, Jacob Mills, children who spend time outdoors encounter microbes which reduces stress […]

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What’s next after the coronavirus?

In this article for Global Research, Peter Koenig explores how the world can change after the coronavirus pandemic. As the virus has brought the entire world to a standstill, the time is rife for systemic change. Koenig says that two future possibilities are emerging. On one hand is the rise of 5G and artificial intelligence […]

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60+ doctors and educators release statement on the situation of children and adolescents during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic

The following statement was released by the Pedagogical-Medical Working Group of the Goetheanum in Germany. In it, doctors and educators express ask a very important question: what health-promoting skills are we teaching our children?  The authors of the statement highlight the fact that children are also experiencing the strain of this pandemic. They are deprived […]

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Practicing wellness while on quarantine

In this article, Harpreet Gujral, director of the integrative medicine program at John Hopkins’ Sibley Memorial Hospital, offers seven suggestions on staying centered and healthy while we work at home during the pandemic. These seven suggestions include: greeting the day, breathing to relieve stress, moving and stretching both indoors and outdoors, eating well, creating a […]