February 25, 2024

Our immune system is the biggest mystery during this coronavirus outbreak


This article written by Dr. John Lee for The Spectator relates to us what is known about viruses, and their role in the evolution and development of life. He says that all coronaviruses, being RNA viruses, predates life itself. And as all of life have developed alongside RNA viruses, our bodies have evolved with the capacity to deal with them.

Dr. Lee goes on to explain the complicated relationship between human evolution and viruses, as well as the role of T-cells as a primary measure of immunity [see Our complicated relationship with viruses and New study found pre-existing SARS-CoV-2 immunity in general population, New study shows immunity to COVID-19 higher than antibody tests show, Study: Some parts of UK are nearing herd immunity to understand T-cell immunity].

Editor’s Note: Dr. John Lee offers to us in this article, one of the most compelling reasons for lifting all COVID-19 measures. He says: “There is still so much we do not even begin to understand, but one thing has been clear for months: this virus is similar to other viruses we have lived with for generations”. Why then aren’t we locking down whenever we have a flu outbreak? Why aren’t schools being closed when children get measles?

Through this article, one can see clearly that governments have over-reacted. Whether this was due to fear or it was an orchestrated activity, the evidence shows us the next step forward: all COVID-19 restrictions must be lifted [see Science has spoken: End the lockdown to read about the other scientific bases for lifting lockdowns, and ending all covid-19 measures].

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